10 Best Jumper Cable Bags: Just In Case…

Best Jumper Cable Bags

Jumper cables are a product it’s easy not to care about – until you need them. Then, they’re a life-saver, helping you get going again when you thought you were stuck.

But because they’re easy to forget, they’re easy to mistreat. Leave your jumper cables lying loose in your trunk and they can tangle, they can get damaged, and in especially cold and damp conditions, they might stop working altogether because of corrosion.

So if you’re going to carry jumper cables – and you really ought to carry jumper cables – you should make sure you get the best jumper cable bag you can afford, to keep them safe, secure and in one place.

Who compares products looking for the best jumper cable bags, we hear you cry. Well, we do. Because just like jumper cables themselves, when you need the information, you really need it.

Take a look at our list and you’ll find the best jumper cable bag or case for your needs.

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Rugged Tools Cable Bag

Rugged Tools Cable Bag

In the dedicated jumper cable storage bag (cables sold separately) crowd, Rugged Tools takes top honors. Not just a cable bag but a cable organizer too, it’s large enough to store your jumper cables, EV cables, extension cords, two straps, RV hoses, and more. It has a full zippered closure and ergonomic carrying handles to keep it safe from moisture and easy to transport. And it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Bucket Boss Polyester Cable Bag For Jumper Cables

Bucket Boss Canvas Cable Bag

The Bucket Boss Cable bag is a full, inexpensive solution in a world of simple jumper cable bags. You can store it with your spare wheel, so it’s always where you need it, and its web carry-handles mean you’re not unrolling until you get to where the jumper cables are needed. It sneaks an extra exterior storage compartment into the mix, and its main compartment is fully zipped for protection.

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Bucket Boss – AutoBoss Large Jumper Cable Bag

Bucket Boss - AutoBoss Large Jumper Cable Bag

Another option from Bucket Boss is the AutoBoss Cable Bag. It’s a larger option than many bags, coming in at 14.5-inch x 4.25-inch x 13.75-inch. That means it can take your larger jumper and EV cables, at least up to 20 feet. Not bad considering the bag itself weighs just over a pound.

It has a fully zippered main pocket, an external mesh pocket, and easy-carry handles too, so it’s easy to transport from place to place.

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Ergodyne Arsenal 5888 Polyester Cable Organizer

Ergodyne Polyester Cable Organizer

The Ergodyne Arsenal 5888 is another bag with a built-in cable organizer. Made of ballistic polyester, it’s designed to not only help you carry around your jumper cables, but to organize all the cables you might need while you’re out on the road, for easy access in an emergency. Rugged handles and a heavy-duty zipper mean the Ergodyne is not kidding around. It’s here to carry cables and take names. The names, it can store in its exterior map pocket.

A bag that feels like it should come with a clipboard, the Ergodyne will make sure you’re not missing or forgetting anything any time you set out on the road.

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Readywares Waxed Canvas Cable Bag

Waxed Canvas Jumper Cable Bag

All the bags we’ve seen so far are great, but the Readywares Waxed Canvas Cable Bag brings a key component to the game. While it doesn’t claim to be 100% waterproof, you have to know that waxed cotton canvas is going to keep your cables safer from water and/or snow than many other fabrics out there.

It’s not all about the waxing though – the Readywares brings you 8 pockets – 5 inside and 3 outside – to put your jumper cabling affairs in pristine order every time you ride out.

Also, sometimes, you know size matters. With dimensions of 14-inch x 14-inch x 3.5-inches, you’re easily fitting 25ft of 2-gauge jumper cables in the Readywares any time you like.

Like some others on our list, Readywares offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can put it through its paces, safe in the knowledge that you’re covered.

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Storage Bag For Jumper Cables By Yuar Butee

Storage Bag For Jumper Cables By Yuar Butee

The Tools Cable Bag does exactly what it promises – at 14.5-inch X 14-inch, it has the capacity to carry all the cables you could need. It has an easy-carry handle and a strong zipper, so it keeps your cables safe and dry.

Sturdier than many, the Tools bag is also big enough to store charging cables for electric vehicles like Tesla, Porsche, Nissan Leaf e.g.

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Melo Tough Jumper Cable Bag

Melo Tough Jumper Cable Bag

Similarly, the Melo Tough brings a lot of elements together – at 14.5-inch x14-inch x3.5-inch, it’s large enough to bring a whole bunch of cables along in case you need them on your trip. It’s also an organizer bag, which means once you’ve loaded up the Melo Tough, you should be able to put your hands on your jumper cables, extension cord, tow straps, RV hoses, and whatever else you need at a moment’s notice. Like some others, Melo Tough comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, proving the company has faith in its product.

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QEES Jumper Cables Bag

QEES Jumper Cables Bag

The QEES jumper cable bag makes a selling point of its 600D water-resistant fabric construction. Another in the 14-inch x 14-inch group, it helps get you where you’re going fully equipped in case of emergencies. Fill it with all the usual cables you need, not just your jumper cables.

It has ergonomic carrying handles and full zipper closure to keep your cables safe, as well as extra zipper pockets to keep any useful tools for your trip. It also comes with a 24-hour customer email service, so if something goes wrong, you can access customer services and make use of your 100% satisfaction guarantee immediately.

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Lefanev Jumper Cable Bag

EV Cable Bag

The Lefanev Cable Organizer Bag is large enough to hold any jumper cables you’re likely to need, but is also built as a more complete car charging and maintenance bag. As with some others, the Lefanev can carry jumper cables, extension cords, tow straps, and more or less anything else you need.

Padded carrying straps make for easy transport, and you can also carry your electric car charging kit in the same bag, so you have everything you could possibly need while you’re out on the road.

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TOPDC Jumper Cable Carry Bag

Cable Carry Bag Cable Organizer and Storage

We’ve kept the biggest till last. The TOPDC Ultra-Large Capacity Cable Carry Bag gives you 15.8-inch X 11.8-inch X 3.5-inch capacity, large enough to store 25ft of 2-gauge jumper cables, extension cords, tow ropes, car tools, and more.

Made of wear-resistant, easy-clean polyester, it has everything you could need, including a fully zippered closure to avoid leaks, and a wide, woven handle for easy transport.

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A Generator For Traveling to Remote Areas

There are important differences between the models on our list, and you should be able to find one that precisely meets your needs here. Whether you need more space, easier transportation, precise organization of all your cables, or just a simple canvas jumper cable bag to keep your cables safe and together, there are options for you on this list.

It’s worth bearing in mind though that any jumper cables are only as useful as what you can attach them to. If you’re traveling in convoy, that’s fine. If you’re on your own, it’s worth investing in a generator, so that you can just whip your jumper cables out of your bag, attach them to your power source, and make your own salvation.

That’s worth thinking about if you regularly travel in remote areas, or regions of hostile weather, because you can never be sure anyone will a) come along any time soon, or b) stop to help you if they do. Traveling with a small generator, as well as your bag full of jumper cables, is the safest way to travel inhospitable or offroad. It also allows you to be independent in the event of engine failure.


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