1000W Titan R by Tempus Electric Bikes

Titan R by Tempus Electric Bikes

The Titan R has vintage motorcycle styling but all the functionality of a modern electric bike. Check out the cool design by Tempus Electric Bikes below and discover the benefits of cruising on an eco-friendly e-bike.

Titan R by Tempus Electric Bikes

Tempus Electric Bikes: The Titan R

Tempus Electric Bikes has designed a motorcycle inspired e-bike with all necessary features and a cool vintage styling. The powerful 1000W rear hub engine of the Titan R will quickly get you up to speed and can drive at a max speed of 28 MPH (45 km/h). With a range of 30-40 miles (48-65 km), the e-bike is a great option for commuting to work – or just for cruising around in an eco-friendly way. The off-road wheels will even be able to take you on adventures and the great-looking bike will for sure turn heads!

Titan R Wheelbase: 64" / 1.63m

Old school look and cool features

The Titan R is built with aircraft grade steel and moulded after a vintage motorcycle with a stylish leather motorcycle seat. With the removable lithium ion battery, you will be able to cruise for long distances and recharge the battery with an ordinary outlet. Bright LED lights in the front and rear ensure that you will always be seen. With the push of a button, the Color LCD will tell you the time, track speed, monitor range, battery percentage and much more. You can even limit your speed to comply with local laws and protect your bike with setting up a personal password so only you can start it.

Titan R by Tempus Electric Bikes features a 1000W rear hub motor

TITAN R Specifications:

  • 1000W rear hub motor
  • Top speed: 28 MPH / 45 KM/H
  • Range: 30-40 Miles / 48-65 KM
  • Battery: 52V 13Ah
  • Fork: aluminum dual crown suspension
  • ABS controller tank
  • Wheels: 26″ x 2.4″
  • All terrain tires
  • Front & rear disc brakes
  • Display includes: speed, time, pedal assist, limit speed
  • Lights: 12V front & rear LED
  • Charger: 4AH (charge time: 4-5 hours)
  • Wheelbase: 64″ / 1.63m
  • Weight: 75lbs / 34kg (max load: 300lbs / 136kg)

Titan R by Tempus Electric Bikes

Why should you buy an electric bike?

Electric bicycles or e-bikes offer the same great benefits as traditional bicycles: they are eco-friendly, good for the environment and your health and you don’t need a special license or insurance. In addition to this, the e-bike has a great advantage of efficiently climbing hills or fighting the wind where you might give up on your traditional bike. This means, that you can go further and faster!

The Titan 2019 | Tempus Electric Bikes

In areas with heavy traffic like in central London where the average speed of cars is only 7.4 mph, you will even be able to go faster than the cars. And with the help of the electric motor, you can do it without breaking a sweat. E-bikes are also a great option for people with asthma or physical conditions like knee injuries because cruising is easy and doesn’t require the same amount of power from you.

Price: $2,899.99 USD for the TITAN R (+shipping costs for Europe)

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