11 Best Canvas Tool Rolls For Organizing Your Essential Tools

If you are like most men, you are serious about tools! There are special tools for almost everything and most men have a collection of both hand tools and efficient electric and motor-driven power tools. In conclusion; there is no such thing as having too many tools!

The only “problem” with tools is, that they take up a lot of space, and its often difficult to find just the right one when you need it. If you have the extra room, it’s of course every man’s dream to have a workbench and plenty of space in drawers and on the walls for organizing your tools.

But, if you don’t have your own man cave or workshop, you need a practical toolbox to keep everything in order – or maybe a super convenient and handy tool roll?


“I have enough tools”
– Said no man ever


The benefit of a tool roll is, that it’s practical, doesn’t take up a lot of space and it’s easy to roll up if you need to take your tools with you. Our best advice is to keep one in the car with the most basic tools: that will come in handy more often than you think. Below, you’ll find our list of the 11 best tool rolls in canvas – all perfect for organizing your most essential tools.

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1: Wrench roll in brown canvas by Bucket Boss

Bucket Boss Wrench Roll

This wrench roll is made from heavy-duty Duckwear canvas and features 11 assorted pockets that will fit a 6mm to 25mm wrench set (or a ¼ inch to 1-inch wrench set). The durable fabric is designed to absorb any excess oil from the tools. Finally, it has reinforced edges to give extra strength to the roll. Only available in brown.

SHOP HERE / $16.99 USD


2: Waxed canvas tool roll by Hersent

Best canvas tool rolls Waxed tool roll by Hersent

This waxed canvas tool roll has a versatile purpose with 10 pockets that will fit anything from wrenches to screwdrivers. The strong and lightweight material is both waterproof and rip-resistant. In addition is has a strong fixing strap to ensure secure closure. Available in Khaki.

SHOP HERE / $17.99 USD


3: Readywares tool roll in sturdy waxed canvas

Readywares tool roll in sturdy waxed canvas

The Readywares tool roll is a larger model with 18 pockets and a zipper pockets for smaller tools or sockets. It’s made from sturdy 20oz waxed cotton canvas that is water-resistant and durable. The closing mechanism is two buckles and thanks to the handle, it’s even more convenient to take your tools with you. Available in Tan.

SHOP HERE / $26.99 USD


4: Large tool roll bag by Hersent

Large tool roll bag by Hersent

The large tool roll bag from Hersent is one of the largest options. It has 20 pockets for different types of tools as well as a smaller zipper pocket. Furthermore, it’s made from an extremely durable and waterproof waxed canvas. Because of the big handle as well as two buckles, your tools will be safely strapped in and it’s easy to take the tool roll with you. Available in army green. 

SHOP HERE / $36.99 USD


5: Small handmade tool roll by Hide & Drink

Small handmade tool roll by Hide & Drink

The Hide & Drink tool roll is a smaller option for the ’feinschmecker’. In other words, the perfect option for anyone who prefers handmade quality over number of pockets. With this product, you’ll get high-quality waxed canvas, 6 pockets, rustic hand-hammered metal rivets and a hand-cut belt. Of course, everything in 100% full-grain leather. Available in brown.

SHOP HERE / $25.99 USD


6: Canvas and leather tool roll by Gentlemen’s Hardware

Canvas and leather tool roll by Gentlemen’s Hardware

This smart canvas tool roll has plenty of sections, leather-effect detail and secure buckles. When rolled out, you’ll see the words “Lock, Stock & Barrel”. It’s made from canvas and has 9 various sized pockets. Finally, the brown leather has a nice-looking effect detailing. Available in black. See much more from Gentlemen’s Hardware right here

SHOP HERE / $26.06 USD


7: Handmade roll-up tool bag by Gouache Bags

Handmade roll-up tool bag by Gouache Bags

This large roll-up tool bag has 1 zippered pocket and 7 pockets for easy storage for a broad range of tools and applications. It’s made from water-resistant waxed-canvas and has removable and adjustable straps. In addition, you get leather buckles in genuine leather to keep all tolls securely in place. Available in asphalt grey.

SHOP HERE / $59.99 USD


8: Small waxed tool roll by Hersent

Waxed bag by Hersent

This high-quality tool roll is a smaller option for carrying just the most essential tools in the just 4 – yet spacious – pockets. It’s made from durable and waterproof waxed canvas and has a leather cord for secure closing. You can choose from brown, army green, coffee and grey.

SHOP HERE / $16.99 USD


9: Handmade tool roll-up bag by Sturdy Brothers

Product by Sturdy Brothers

The tool roll-up bag by Sturdy Brothers is handmade in the USA. It’s made from 12 oz. waxed canvas and 9 oz. leather straps. 12 pockets ensure plenty of space for your essential tools. Furthermore, the copper rivets and brass button studs give the bag a nice look that is also made to last. Available in nutmeg. Read our full review of the bag.



10: Tool roll for large-sized tools by Valkyrie Toolworks

Tool roll for large-sized tools by Valkyrie Toolworks

This 7-pocket tool roll is specifically made for large-sized tools. It’s made from heavy-duty waxed canvas and is riveted for maximum durability. The tool roll comes with a sturdy para-cord lace and silver grommet for a neat and secure roll-up. Available in black.

SHOP HERE / $11.99 USD


11: Wrench tool roll by Bull Tools

Wrench tool roll by Bull Tools

The large 16 pocket wrench and tool roll by Bull Tools is made from 100% dyed 15 oz. cotton canvas. As a result, this tool roll is both waterproof and will absorb oil spills. The pockets fit 6 – 37mm wrenches (1/4″ to 1-1/2″) but you can use it for a variety of tools. Additional details include hand-hammered, heavy-duty metal gromets and buckle. Available in 19 different colors.

SHOP HERE / $21.95 USD

If you’re more into canvas tool rolls, you can find alternatives to leather here.

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