12 Best Bar Sets: Making a Pro Cocktail at Home

Most people will probably be able to name their favorite cocktail within 5 seconds. It’s the safe choice of either a sour, an old-fashioned or a fizz that we keep returning to when the urge for a cold drink comes sneaking. For some, a fresh-made cocktail is a luxury when going out but there is something extraordinary about a home-made cocktail!

Making a gin and tonic shouldn’t be a problem, but when going into the world of classic cocktails, high-end bars and professional bartenders tend to complicate each drink with unknown ingredients, homemade infusions, and impressive skills! The good news is, that it doesn’t have to be that complex and with the right equipment, you can easily bring the cocktail bar experience into your home. We have carefully selected the 12 best bar sets available from Amazon.com in a variety of materials, sizes and styles. After ordering your favorite bar set you can start to impress your guests…or keep your new hobby for self-indulgence. In addition to the bar sets below – you’ll might also find our best-recommended bar carts relevant.

If you’re new to the world of cocktails and bartending, check out our explanatory guide below so you know what each of the tools is for.

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1: Travel bag bar set:
The professional all-inclusive set to-go

Travel bag bar set: the professional all-inclusive set to-go

This 17-piece bartender set is the all-inclusive bar toolset for the traveling master of cocktails. Each piece is made of stainless steel which is both practical and very durable. The canvas bag has 27 pockets and room for each item to keep them scratch-safe and organized. After use, the bag can easily be rolled up, so you can carry all your tools with you.

SHOP HERE / $139.99 USD


2: Rustic Bar set:
A perfect present for an upcoming cocktail connoisseur

Rustic Bar set: a perfect present for an upcoming cocktail connoisseur

This wooden box contains the most essential equipment for making classic cocktails. All 11 pieces are made in heavy-duty stainless steel and the wooden box makes the set perfect as a gift idea both for a beginner or a more experienced bartender. The box can even be used as a nice display and for keeping order in the bar. As a bonus, everything is dishwasher-safe.

SHOP HERE / $57.97 USD


3: Complete bartender kit:
The essential tools available in 6 colors

Complete bartender kit: the essential tools available in 6 colors

This 7-piece bartender kit has the essentials for both amateurs and experts. You can choose from 6 colors including brushed copper, gunmetal, matte black, matte grey, glossy silver or glossy white. The set even comes with a recipe booklet with 100 recipes so you can get going right away. Please note that it’s not dishwasher safe.

SHOP HERE / $19.96 USD


4: Copper bartender set:
A stunning look in stylish copper

Copper bartender set: a stunning look in stylish copper

This 11-piece bartender set is made from stainless steel with a modern colored finish in copper/rose gold. The tools are made to last and the bamboo stand is the perfect way to keep all items organized and display the stylish set. Packed in a stylish gift box, this item is the perfect present for the bartender who also likes to show off his tools. Please note that hand wash is recommended to keep the high mirror finish. 

SHOP HERE / $57.95 USD


5: Pro set in stainless steel:
A classic and professional kit

Pro set in stainless steel: a classic and professional kit

This 18-piece kit has everything for the professional bartender. You’ll get three types of strainers, four liquor pourers and even a free recipe eBook. All the tools are neatly organized in the natural bamboo stand which is also scratch and stain-resistant. Made from 304 stainless steel, all tools are rustproof and dishwasher safe.

SHOP HERE / $59.59 USD


6: Galvanised iron and rose gold:
A mix of industrial and fine design

Galvanised iron and rose gold: a mix of industrial and fine design

This 7-piece bar set has a chic look thanks to the combination of galvanized iron and rose gold. You get everything you need for creating your favorite cocktails including a wooden stand with extra strong magnets to keep all your tools in place. As a special feature, the shaker is double-walled and will not form condensation on the outside. Comes in a gift box and you can even buy matching drinking glasses, ice bucket, serving bowl, etc. 

SHOP HERE / $120.99 USD


7: Ultra-durable in glass and steel:
The sophisticated bar set

Ultra-durable in glass and steel: the sophisticated bar set

This stainless-steel set is made from ultra-durable rust- and scratch-resistant steel that you can easily clean in the dishwasher. With the set comes a stylish black stand to keep all the items organized and on display. To avoid using plastic straws, you also get 6 straws in steel that you can re-use again and again.



8: 10-piece gold bar set:
The classic set in gold and mahogany

10-piece gold bar set: the classic set in gold and mahogany

This 10-piece set is made from durable, high-grade and rustproof stainless-steel alloy. Due to the gold color coating, it is recommended to hand wash to ensure a scratch-free and good-looking surface. The elegant stand ensures everything is kept in order and on display – and the combination of gold and mahogany is just the perfect choice for a true retro look. 

SHOP HERE / $99.87 USD


9: Etched with baroque engravings:
A set for the golden age of noblemen

Etched with baroque engravings: a set for the golden age of noblemen

This premium quality bar set contains 7 pieces with delicate baroque engravings. It’s a design that stands out and will get the conversation going. You can choose from rose gold or black and you can also buy drinking glasses to complete the look.

SHOP HERE / $49.99 USD


10: Stainless steel with practical placemat:
Classic bar set with absinthe spoon

Stainless steel with practical placemat: classic bar set with absinthe spoon

This high-quality 11-piece cocktail set includes everything you need and a couple of special items. The absinthe spoon is used to dissolve a sugar cube in a glass of absinthe, and the rubber placemat is super practical for protecting your table. The set is also available in rose gold.

SHOP HERE / $208.99 USD


11: Deluxe cocktail set:
Fine barware for the professional bartender and home enthusiast

Deluxe cocktail set: fine barware for the professional bartender and home enthusiast

This deluxe 12-piece cocktail set contains everything you need for creating amazing cocktail. You can choose from five different colors including antique copper, copper, gold, gunmetal black and stainless steel. With this set you also get knives and tools for preparing fruits and juice.



12: Bar kit with wood stand:
All the essentials with natural finish

Bar kit with wood stand: all the essentials with natural finish

This 11-piece bar set has a great looking natural finish with a wooden stand and a handcrafted muddler in beautiful acacia wood. The stainless-steel tools are made to last and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning – the wooden muddler should be hand washed. The bar kit comes in a magnetic gift box making it perfect as a present.

SHOP HERE / $59.95 USD


Gentlemen's hardware cocktail shaker
Gentlemen’s Hardware cocktail shaker – can be bought right here: shop

The complete (and explanatory) guide to cocktail gear: what you need and what it’s for!

  • Shaker: shakers come in many various designs. The traditional Boston shaker is a 2-piece shaking kit with one piece smaller than the other so they can be bashed together and create a tight seal for shaking a cocktail.
  • Jigger: that little measuring device that bartenders are using to accurately measure what goes into a cocktail. You can find jiggers in different shapes and sizes.
  • Strainer: there are many types of strainers with the three most common being the:
    • Fine mesh/tea strainer – super fine mesh prevents finer pulp and seeds from getting into the final glass
    • Hawthorne – fits the shaker and prevents pulp and ice from getting into the final glass
    • Julep – the old-school way of straining stirred drinks
  • Pour Spout / Speed Pourers: the spouts at the end of bottles that help control the flow of liquid and making it possible to measure via ‘free pouring’ (meaning without using a jigger to measure)
  • Muddler/pestle: the tool for crushing fresh herbs and fruits – you can’t make a Mojito without it!
  • Bar spoon/mixing spoon: the essential tool for stirring cocktails like a Martini. It can also be used for layering drinks and spooning in sugar.
  • Fruit/juice press/squeezer: fresh fruit and juice is the only right thing when making cocktails and therefore you need a solid press for getting the most juice out of every fruit.
  • Citrus zester: a zester might be a bit more advanced bar tool but nonetheless, it’s essential for grating nutmeg, chocolate or fine lemon zest. Yes, you can also use a knife, but a zester ensures that only the actual zest gets into the cocktail.
  • Bar/ice tongs: in a commercial bar, tongs can be required by law – in a home bar, they are also much more hygienic and easier to use.
  • Japanese (Yarai) mixing glass: a Japanese mixing glass is perfect for stirring and straining cocktails where you don’t need your shaker.
  • Absinthe spoon: a perforated or slotted spoon used to dissolve a sugar cube in a glass of absinthe – usually to sweeten the drink and balance bitterness. The shape is flat with a notch in the handle to rest on the rim of the glass.

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