It started out as a weekend project for Hollywood’s Keanu Reeves back in 2007 but Arch Motorcycles has come a long way since then! When the self-taught engineer Gard Hollinger joined the company, they started to make production models and to date, they have made three different models including the Method 143.

Arch Motorcycles is now a partnership between Keanu Reeves and designer Gard Hollinger, and with the Method 143 they have created a true masterpiece of a motorcycle.

The Method 143 is still a monster
Photo By: Marcus Eriksson

First ever carbon fiber monoshell

The Method 143 features a massive 2400cc S&S V-Twin engine producing 170 hp. The power unit is surrounded by the first ever carbon fiber monoshell chassis with an integrated fuel tank. Ohlins forks up front and a rear single-sided swingarm.

Carbon rear wheel from Arch Motorcycle
Photo By: Marcus Eriksson

The wheels are 17” in size and 100% carbon fiber with Michelin Power RS tires. The upper bodywork and seat are made of a single piece of sleek machined aluminum and instrumentation is provided by an integrated smartphone dock. Only 23 units of the bike are to be made.

The Method 143 is still a monster
Photo By: Marcus Eriksson

“The T143 requires technical expertise for the installation and tuning – along with an experienced rider. This is an ultra performance/ race engine. Longevity, engine noise, vibration and throttle sensitivity have all been compromised to reach this level of performance”

The Method 143 is still a monster
Photo By: Marcus Eriksson


• 43 CI, 2343cc S&S Cycle T143
• CNC machined aluminum sub-chassis
• CNC machined Single-Sided billet aluminum swingarm
• CNC machined aluminum bodywork with layered integrated leather in seat and tank area
• Ohlins / Arch proprietary FGRT series fork, fully adjustable
• Ohlins / Arch proprietary rear shock with reservoir, hydraulic pre-load adjustment, fully adjustable
• Carbon Fiber Aerodynamic fork covers
• Front Brakes: ISR dual six 30mm piston Monobloc radial mount calipers with ISR floating dampened discs
• Rear Brakes: Dual ISR four piston Monobloc radial mount caliper with ISR semi floating disc
• Arch designed 17” BST Carbon Fiber “Turbine” wheels
• Michelin Power RS tires
• Arch mobile phone instrumentation display
• MotoGP inspired Titanium / Carbon Fiber / Billet Aluminum, Arch / SC Project exhaust system
• Proprietary LED headlight design
• Custom Tailored fit and finishes
• Limited to 23 units

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