The Clearaudio Statement v2: seriously serious about vinyl

Clearaudio has built one of the world’s finest turntables. The Statement V2 is an impressive piece of art that promises to deliver another dimension of music reproduction. As Clearaudio puts it themselves: “take the best and make it better. Only then it will be good enough”. This is the turntable for the serious audiophile!

The Clearaudio Statement v2: seriously serious about vinyl

The perfectionists of Clearaudio

In 1978, German engineer Peter Suchy developed the first Clearaudio moving coil cartridges. The patented fully symmetrical design and the choice of a boron cantilever were pioneering. To this day, the design continues to guide others while the Clearaudio team of highly skilled specialists and precision engineers continues to refine the technology.

The Clearaudio Statement v2: seriously serious about vinyl

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Clearaudio has become well-known worldwide for a range of high-quality turntables and accessories made of both innovative technologies and handcrafted elements. All components are made with a purpose to create an ultimate and unforgettable listening experience in the living room of the customer. The unique design of the cartridges is one of the main differences between Clearaudio and other high-end turntable producers. Instead of conventional magnets they use the smallest and strongest magnets combined with ultra-small and lightweight gold coils. This brings out the finest sound details and responds quickly to dynamic change.

The Clearaudio Statement v2: seriously serious about vinyl

The Statement v2 signature model

The Statement v2 turntable is based on a deep love for music. Clearaudio has designed this exceptional turntable to break the rules and boundaries of music reproduction from vinyl records. The model is beautifully designed and engineered with innovative patented Clearaudio technology. Nothing is added, coloured, distorted or lost and even the most minute musical details are faithfully reproduced. The model has no air main bearing – instead, Clearaudio has decided to float the platter with magnetism.

Clearaudio has received great reviews for the Statement v2 and also won awards for their innovative design. If the price is out of your budget, they also offer compact models like the Innovation Basic which is a smaller sibling but still has design and quality that Clearaudio stands for.

The Clearaudio Statement v2: seriously serious about vinyl

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More detailed specifications and information:

Turntable with magnetically suspended platter, motor-drive with real-time active speed processor, automatic self-levelling and linear-tracking TT1 tonearm

Dimensions: width 27,17 inches, dept 22,44 inches, height 52,17 inches

Total weight: 350 Kg

Speed ranges: electronic speed selection 33 1/3 and 78 rpm

Speed accuracy (measured): <±0.03 %

Construction details: Aluminium, stainless steel and bullet proof wood

Motor drive: non-contact magnetic drive system

And the price:

Statement V2 black lacquer, turntable only (without tonearm and cartridge):
130.000 €.

Package with Statement TT1 tonearm (28.000 €) and Goldfinger Statement (12.000 €) cartridge:
161.500 €

Innovation Basic, natural wood, turntable only:
4.600 €