50 Year old Highland Park Whisky Tasting

As you move up the scale as a whisky enthusiast, it’s hard to miss the famous Highland Park. They have been making whisky since 1798, and the 50 year old Highland Park is one of their oldest and most exclusive bottles ever made.

50 Year old Highland Park whiskey tasting
Image: Highland Park Whisky

The 50 year old Highland Park

Each of the rare bottles are signed by Highland Park’s longest servant whisky maker, Max McFarlane. The two sherry-seasoned Spanish hogshead casks that make up this bottling yielded just 274 bottles at 700ml with a price tag of $17,600.

FInd the perfect whiskey glass

The handmade box it comes in is made of oak with silver edges and a leather-bound strap which gives it the complete story-feeling and the embossed bottle is created by Scottish designer Andy Bowman.

Enjoy this in-depth whisky tasting with Senior Brand Ambassador, Martin Markvardsen.

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