7 Things a New Rider Should Look for When Buying a Motorcycle

7 Things a New Rider Should Look for When Buying a Motorcycle

So you like the thrill of the ride and decided to procure your first-ever motorcycle. It is certainly a great feeling to put on your leather jacket and a fine pair of bike boots and hop onto the motorcycle. While it is exciting to ride such a magnificent vehicle, potential buyers should take a moment to consider the details of maneuvering it. Not only should you consider the design, but you should also look at the details and features before you decide to make a purchase. Regardless of what type of motorcycle you want, this guide will point you in the right direction with 7 things to search for before getting a new motorbike.

1. Weight

While it is common that motorcycles are heavy, the weight will vary depending on the type of bike. It is still an essential factor to consider since it affects almost every feature of the motorcycle, such as acceleration, comfortability, and speed. There will certainly be a time when you’ll want to push your bike backward or forwards in a parking lot, and it will be a hassle if it’s heavy. Additionally, owning a bulky bike means it will take longer to pump the brakes, more fuel consumption, and it will take more effort to steer and control it. On the other hand, if you want slower speed, acceleration, and more stability in seating, you might want to consider a hefty bike. However, you need to think of which weight is more convenient for you based on your needs.

2. Sound and Noise Range

Motorbikes are known for being a little louder than cars, especially during acceleration. They get the wrong attention due to the noise pollution they create. You should know that it depends on the type of engine and how exhaust are installed. Based on the information on this site, you can test and measure the exhaust sound of your bike by using the SAE stationary sound test procedure. This test greatly helps potential buyers make a decision.

3. Seat Height

Saddles come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. Your seating position must be comfortable for a better driving experience. The seat height is known as the measurement from the saddle to the ground, particularly when the motorcycle is positioned upright. It is better to be able to plant both your feet on the ground for balance and more control. The measurement varies according to the suspension settings and the type of bike. For instance, sport motorcycles have taller seats to allow more leaning while the motorist takes a turn. The case is different for cruiser bikes, as they have lower seats, making room for the saddle to be closer to the ground. In addition to the height, you should also test the seat cushions to ensure your comfort.

4. Brakes and Levers

Everybody has different hands, which means different grips and abilities to control the vehicle. It is important to check how smooth the levers and brakes are. The softer they are, the easier they will be to manage. Some levers can be farther apart from the handle grip and others are closer to it. You should be aware of this aspect when you take the bike for a test drive.

5. Luggage Options

Motorcycles are known for their lightweight design, but some people might want to depend on them as their means of transportation for longer distances and even travel. Even if you are driving it while going on a trip or just cruising around, it does not hurt to have room for personal items. If you are someone who drives for long distances, then having saddlebags on your bike is a good feature to look for.

6. Foot Pegs

Based on the classification of the motorcycle, foot pegs positions will vary. Foot pegs can be positioned forward, backward, or in the middle. Touring or cruiser bikes have forward-positioned footpegs. Alternatively, you will find them angled slightly backward in race and sportbikes. The angel of footpegs is crucial for safety, control, and comfort.

7. Wind Protection

Motorbikes are undeniably alluring because of their sense of freeing exposure and design. However, wind can certainly pose an issue to both your eyes and ears. This can hinder your focus on the road, making long rides unbearable. It is a good idea to have the option of a windshield already installed on your motorcycle for a more pleasant experience. Since the weather is always unpredictable and you aim for comfort, you should seriously consider procuring a bike with a fairing for protection.

Channeling your inner Maverick and buying a bike may not be as easy as it looks. Motorcycles come in different shapes, styles, types, and more importantly, features. The key is to determine what you plan to use it for. With that in mind, you should also test it yourself to ensure that you have stellar control over the handles, brakes, and pegs. At the end of the day, you want a solid vehicle that meets your needs and gives you a sleek riding experience.