9 Best Aftermarket Shift Knobs For Your Classic Car

Yehaa gear knob by American Shifter 

Finding just the right replacement parts for your classic car can be a real struggle! If you decide to replace the worn-down shift knob with another original item, you have to find the perfect match and properly ensure that it’s genuine, the exact same model and in excellent condition. Depending on your car, it can be challenging – and costly. So why not go in another direction with an aftermarket shift knob that fits your classic car, upgrades the look of it and is easy to install at home?

We have selected our top-9 aftermarket shift knobs for your classic car and give you some great options in wood, leather and solid metal. You decide if you want to follow the original look, add even more retro styling or take the opportunity to make a nice upgrade performance upgrade. Oh, and don’t forget to store your original shift knob someplace safe – you should always keep the original parts!

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best aftermarket shift knobs by momo shifter in alu with glossy black design

Italian street style in black aluminium by Momo

The black shift knob by Momo has a full aluminum body and an anodized glossy finish. On the top you have the iconic yellow arrow logo which adds both racing look and retro vibes. The SK-50 shift knob if part of Momo’s Street collection, it’s easy to install and in great quality. The Italian company Momo got famous for making a steering wheel with superior grip that ended up in the Ferrari Formula One car with John Surtees, who won the Formula One world title in 1964.

Package dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 inches
Weight 7.2 ounces



best aftermarket shift knob in blue with white stripes

Blue shift knob with white rally stripes by American Shifter

The blue 5-speed shift knob has a high-gloss finish and classic white rally stripes for the ultimate race track look. The shift knob is made from high-quality resin for strength and durability – and the round design ensures a great feel on every shift. The shift pattern is embedded in the knob and polished smooth. Thanks to the aluminum threaded insert, the shift knob is easy to install.

American Shifter claims to have the largest selection of shift knobs in the world, so this model is of course also available in 6-speed as well as many other colors.

Package dimensions 5.75 × 2 × 7.75 inches
Weight 6.4 ounces



Momo shift knob in wood

Vintage mahogany and leather shift knob by Momo

The classic round shift knob from Momo’s Heritage collection is made from layered mahogany and beech wood and has a vintage cigar leather embossed Momo top. The round design ensures a comfortable fit in your palm and the genuine material will develop a beautiful patina over time. To ensure that you take proper care of both wood and you will have this piece for a long time! Each shift knob is carefully hand-finished to highlight the contrasting wood grains making this item truly unique.

Package dimensions 7.87 × 3.94 × 1.97 inches
Weight 6.4 ounces

LEARN MORE / $179.45 USD


Nardi gear knop in leather

Leather gear shift knob with cross-stitching by Nardi

The Prestige Line Leather shift knob by Nardi is made from genuine leather. The smooth leather is perforated on top and the side has great-looking cross stitching that adds a quality look and feel. Italian Nardi has a rich history dating back to 1937 and is especially famous for their steering wheels. In 1958, founder Enrico Nardi started a corporation with Mr. Ferrrari ensuring that most Ferraris were equipped with Nardi steering wheels.

Package dimensions Unknown
Weight Unknown



Mishimoto carbon fiber gear shift knob

Full carbon fiber by Mishimoto

The Mishimoto carbon fiber shift knob is made from hand laid and resin infused carbon fiber for added durability and aesthetics. The ergonomic shape ensures a comfortable hand position and the design is made for smooth and seamless gear changes. On the top you have the signature “M” logo in a cool silver tone. The shift knob comes complete with black plastic inserts for universal fitment and Mishimoto offers a lifetime warranty.

Package dimensions 4 x 3 x 5 inches
Weight 1.44 ounches



best aftermarket gear knobs NRG led flashlight knob

Chrome gold short shifter style by NRG Innovations

The NRG Innovations shift knob is made from high-quality billet aluminum for enhanced strength and durability. The surface has a great-looking brushed finish in gold which adds a nice touch to the interior. The shift knobs come with threaded inserts that screw onto the existing shifter for easy and precise fitment. NRG Innovations was founded in 2003 in California and take great pride in their relation to the tuner industry and has sponsored vehicles in Formula Drift.

Dimensions 3.5″ Length, 1.2″ Diameter
Weight 0.85 ounches



Sparco black gearknob with stripes aftermarket gear knob

Striped Settanta shift knob by Sparco

The Settana shift knob by Sparco has a is made from aluminum and has red and white striping in addition to the Sparco logo engraved on top. The shift knob has a short design made for improved performance and is compatible with manual transmissions that have a reverse lock-out collar. Sparco is an Italian brand founded in 1977 with the primary purpose of making the world of competitive driving a safer place. Sparco is especially known for their racing equipment and produces everything from racing certified suits to seats and accessories.

Package dimensions 3 x 4 x 4 inches
Weight Unknown



Best aftermarket gear knobs - DC Sports SKB1000 Shift Knob

Ball shift knob By DC Sports

The ball shift knob by DC Sports is weighted (400g, approx. 1 lb.) for a more precise shifting and improved driving experience. It comes with four inserts to fit most applications and is easy to install. The shift knob is made from 304 stainless steel and has a cool powder-coated gunmetal grey finish which fits most classic interiors. DC Sports is based in California and is primarily known for their performance products for custom race cars.

Package dimensions 3 x 3 x 5 inches
Weight 1 Pound



yehaa gearknob by American Shifter

Yehaa shift knob by American Shifter

Take the option to install a bit of “Yehaa” in your car with this funny white and red shift knob by American shifter. The high gloss finish in ivory is a true classic look while the embedded statement in red will add a bit of attitude. With an aluminum threaded insert, the shift knob is designed to be screwed onto your shift arm. If you’re looking for other colors or statement pieces, American Shifter claims to have the largest selection of shift knobs in the world so there should be plenty of options.

Package dimensions 6 x 5.6 x 2 inches
Weight 6.4 ounces


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