90s icon: Nissan 200sx S14 for sale

90s icon: original Nissan 200sx S14 for sale

The Nissan 200sx also known as Silvia and 240sx depending on geography – is a true 90s icon! The sports coupe was made in six generations from 1975 to 2002 and the model is often listed in the Top 10 Japanese sports cars ever made. Many of these cars are being heavily modified, so to come across a completely original vehicle is a rare sight! Luckily; it is still possible like this 1999 Nissan 200sx currently for sale at Fast Classics.

90s icon: original Nissan 200sx S14 for sale

The iconic Nissan 200sx / 240sx / Silvia S14

Nissan started the model line of the 200sx with the Datsun (first generation, S10) in 1975. After that, five more generations followed with the S110 (1979-1984), S12 (1984-1989), S13 (1989-1993), S14 (1993-1999) and S15 (1999-2002). The name Silvia was given to all models based on the Nissan S platform.

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90s icon: original Nissan 200sx S14 for sale

90s icon: original Nissan 200sx S14 for sale

The S14 model

The S14 model was lower and wider than its predecessor with a rounder body design style that improved the handling. Despite being very spacious inside, the model is best known for its impressive performance and driving dynamics. The S14 has been raced successfully in the All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship (now Super GT) and is also a widely popular model for drifting.

Steve Baggsy's 500HP S14 Silvia Drift Build Feat. External Turbo Wastegate!

1999 Nissan 200sx S14 for sale

The British car dealership ‘Fast Classics’, currently has an original 1999 Nissan 200sx S14 for sale. The car is described as “having been stuck in a 90s time warp” and looks like it has just rolled off the factory production line. During its entire lifetime, the car has been garaged and cared for without any modifications leaving the paintwork completely original, rubber seals fresh and soft, lights and glass crystal clear and scratch-free. This is your opportunity to get your hands on a unique example from the golden era of Japanese sports cars!

90s icon: original Nissan 200sx S14 for sale

Specifications on the Nissan 200sx S14:

Top Speed: 149 miles per hour
0 – 60 miles: 7.5 seconds
BHP: 198
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
Engine: Inline 4 turbo (SR20DET)

The SR20DET engine is a legend in the tuning industry

The S14a came with more aggressive headlights compared to the standard S14

Actually named 240sx in America and Silvia in Japan

Golden era of Japanese sports cars

In the 1990s, Japanese sports cars had a golden age. The Japanese automobile industry used years of experience to build great performance cars that were just as attractive and technically advanced as the more expensive European brands. Plus, Japanese cars quickly got a reputation for better reliability. Suddenly, Ferrari drivers had to look out for the hardcore machines from Nissan, Mazda, Honda, Mitsubishi and Toyota.

Recent value growth has made the 90s models increasingly popular also for investments, but original cars can be hard to find as many of the most popular models have been modified for racing and drifting.

About Fast Classics

The team at Fast Classics is passionate about great driving machines and focus on selling the most treasured cars with low mileage and very few owners. The company operates from a 10,000 sq. ft indoor showroom that also includes a professional photo studio often used by Top Gear, McLaren and Alpine Stars. Other brands include Great British Classics, Millennium Heroes and The Octane Collection.

Asking price is £17,995 GBP

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