Retro Gaming Console – by Love Hultén

With this retro gaming console piece of art, Swedish designer Love Hultén pays the ultimate tribute to the ’80s gaming industry. His design named Pyua is a console compatible with classic NES Nintendo games and Famicom cartridges. The combination between retro and gamer collectible is both unique and classy.

The Pyua with games stacked in place

The gaming masterpiece of the 1980s

Famicom (1983) and it’s US equivalent, the NES (1985), brought life to the industry and played key roles in creating the billion dollar gaming business we know today. Nintendo’s gaming masterpiece became the most successful console both in Asia and North America and with that they established a new milestone for future development in the entire industry.

A unique console for all retro gamers and collectors

The original consoles from the 1980s still plays a key role in the new Pyua even though the components are new. On the inside you’ll find the heart of the console, the Nt mini pcb, which is manufactured by Analogue in Seattle. Color replication and audio is improved and the console upscales to 1080p for your HDMI monitor. All of this ensures amazing performance!

The Pyua with Super Mario 3

The Pyua comes with two custom wireless NES controllers, built by the nostalgic folks at 8BitDo. The controllers and game cartridges are stored in the additional ash wood casing. To use the Pyua, simply insert your cartridge and enfold using the glass dome. Turn the power on, and the spotlight is assured.

Who is Love Hultén?

A unique console for all retro gamers and collectors

“Love Hultén fuses traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, creating unique objects in an unexpected merge of form and function. By playing with preconceptions about art and design – the social, cultural and historical relations to objects we all share – he tears consensual connections apart and provides a new context. To present genuine and attractive alternatives to contemporary appliances, he adds unforeseen functionality, delicate execution and mystique.

​Specializing in creating one-of-a-kind exclusive objects, Hulten offer a genuine and personal experience. Everything is produced, polished, and assembled by Hultén himself in Gothenburg, Sweden.”


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