About Old News Club

Old News Club is an online magazine created to bring you the best insights and most interesting stories. We don’t deliver news for the sake of being first and we have no intention to contribute to the overflow of breaking news. Instead, our mission is to handpick timeless items with a great story and tell these stories to you in articles supported with high-quality pictures and videos.

At Old News Club you will find a wide range of subjects. Common to all of them is the fact that they are timeless, have a classic touch or a historic element. We love racing, everything with an engine, like to travel and are interested in design, technology, craftsmanship and all things gentlemanly.

In the Old News Club Buyer’s Guide we provide a list of inspirational items and carefully selected high-quality products that you are able to purchase yourself. For each product we give you the background as to why this should be on your wish list of desired collectibles.

Old News Club is created and founded by Steen Hansen

Co-founder and editor is his wife Sara Hansen.

Welcome to Old News Club!