Airport parking can be a stressor – here’s how you can avoid the hassle

Woman walking across airport parking
Ruffa Jane Reyes - Unsplash

Airport parking can bring a roller-coaster of emotions, from anxiety to hurriedness and even to the sweet relief you feel when you finally stop the car on your designated car lot. Of course, you can always rely on a friend, family member, or Uber for a ride to your destination, but making someone else responsible for how you arrive at the airport may come at a cost. Plus, it may boost your travel-related expenses and reduce some of the convenience of getting to the airport by car:

  • You may be late since you’re not entirely responsible for the schedule.
  • You won’t have your vehicle waiting when you return to your city with bags loaded with souvenirs.
  • Public transport may be riskier than using your car if you opt for this service.

Airport parking doesn’t have to leave you fuming, considering you’re using some parking-wise recommendations. Below are the necessary tips to eliminate this stress-filled prologue to your dream destination.

Pre-book your parking

Booking a parking lot in advance may rank among the best solutions to ensure a hassle-free experience when leaving your car at the airport. However, surprisingly many people forget about this practice or choose to postpone it until the last minute. Not only is it more financially wise to pre-book a spot for your car, but you will also make sure that parking is not on your list of concerns when you have other more important responsibilities on your mind, such as planning the last details of your trip.

One efficient way to pre-reserve a spot for your vehicle is to check the booking platform specializing in finding travellers’ parking places. If your flight takes off from London and you want to get to the airport by car, you should be prepared with patience as the city’s airports are highly agglomerated. Considering you’re opting for a highly-trafficked airport like Heathrow, ensure you secure a spot at Heathrow parking in advance. The fees will be calculated based on the time of booking, duration, and availability so that you will know the upfront costs involved immediately.

Use navigation apps or GPS

Finding your way through the daunting airport traffic can be among the biggest downers when travelling by plane, whether for business, personal, or leisure purposes. Nobody likes spending valuable time stuck behind the wheel or on the lookout for that reserved spot, and it’s even more intimidating when you are hours away from departing. Using the GPS or navigation app grows more critical with how unfamiliar you are with the location. If you’re flying from an airport you’ve never visited, avoiding these navigating tools may make you lose valuable time otherwise spent more pleasantly – sipping a coffee on the lounge or simply avoiding rushing through the masses.

Use navigation tools to ensure you’re quickly finding the shortest route to your parking spot and move around the airport with ease.

Check off-site options

It’s no secret; parking at the airport can be nerve-wracking, unjustifiably costly, and complicated. The quest for a free lot is the recipe for a disastrous beginning of your adventure since you’re dealing with possibly impatient or hurried travellers. To save you the trouble of finding a parking spot without going through all the inconvenience of the pursuit, the best starting point is to look into off-site options.

Off-site facilities such as Manchester airport parking provide lots at affordable rates and services such as Meet and Greet, so you can have someone from the staff drive your car to the target place. This way, you save valuable time otherwise spent navigating through the airports’ parking lots and make savings without sacrificing your comfort.

Be there early

If you were to rephrase a famous adage and adapt it to your situation, it would sound like “The early bird gets the top parking spot”. Needless to say, the sooner you get to the airport and the better prepared you are, the higher the likelihood of getting through the parking process more effortlessly.

A punctual arrival starts with planning at home, so make sure you’re taking a margin of error to avoid being delayed by any traffic inconvenience you may encounter on your way to the airport. Generally, getting there one hour earlier than your intended time is recommended so you’ll have enough time to find your way through the maze of airport parking.

Pay attention to parking instructions and signage

Although it may seem obvious, taking care of signage and following instructions is valuable advice for travellers. Many people get lost in the maze of a new place and overlook these crucial indicators.

After arriving at the airport, ensure that you carefully adhere to the parking instructions and remain attentive to the signage to make your journey easier. Remember that various areas may have specific guidelines or designated parking spaces, so it is essential to comply with the rules for a more pleasant parking experience.

Look for coupons

Cutting costs on airport parking can start with something as effortless as getting a coupon. Many airlines provide such perks for economy parking lots or off-airport, and if you leave your car unattended for a more extended period, you may be in for decent prices.

Searching for discount parking coupons on Googe and introducing the name of the airport you’re departing from should get you to several websites from which you can choose.

Utilize reward programs

If you’re a frequent flier of a specific airport, you could join a reward program if the facility provides one. Some airports offer different cost-related perks, such as the following:

  • Loyalty programs with discounts on parking
  • Access to lounges
  • Access to priority lanes.

Always check parking options vigorously. You have many choices when parking at or near the airport. Analyzing them, weighing the pros and cons, and making your priorities right, whether they’re budget- or time-concerned, will help you find a better parking spot so you can start your journey on the right foot.