What kind of cigars did Al Capone smoke?

Al Capone Cigars

Did you ever not smoke a good robust cigar because you didn’t have enough time for it? The good news is that there’s an incredible option for when you are in a rush, but you also want to have a pleasant moment with your favorite stogie. Al Capone cigars will become your best friend from the first moment as they will capture your senses with their delightful sweet taste and high quality; there’s no way you won’t fall for them.

Named after Al Capone, a famous gangster from Chicago, he built his fame by bootlegging and so many other crimes, and despite this, in one way or another, he perfectly knew how to win people’s admiration. In this way, an icon was born, and his legacy and reputation were so huge that this cigar brand was created, taking him as their primary inspiration. 

Al Capone Cigars

Without hesitation, we can say there’s a strong bond between powerful men and cigars; everyone loves this feeling of looking elegant and classy when smoking a good stogie. When it comes to celebrities, there has been an endless list of them who was widely recognized for always having one in their hand, leaving this image of influence and power in our heads. Al Capone, also known as ‘’Scarface’’, was one of them; he knew exactly how to appreciate a good smoke; while being involved in organized crime, one of his favorite passions was a fine cigar.

He was deeply in love with La Corona, a Cuban brand established around 1845, which was very popular among American fans, but, unfortunately, and despite its success, was later discontinued. At that time, the brands you tasted were essential because they showed your social status, and he had a picky, luxurious taste. Hence, La Corona wasn’t the only brand he tasted; he was seen multiple times having a good time with Hav-A-Tampa cigars, a label manufactured in Florida but imported from Havana and mixed with other tobaccos.

Although some problems arose between the American and Cuban governments causing restrictions for Habanos because of who he was, Capone had no trouble getting them whenever he wanted; nothing stopped him. However, that changed when he was sent to prison in 1931; he had to say goodbye to not only his physical freedom but also his freedom of sparking his precious smokes.

Cigars that Al Capone smoked

What are Al Capone Cigars?

Al Capone cigars, commonly referred to as cigarillos, are mellow small-size smokes, ideal to taste if you don’t have plenty of time but want to enjoy the same pleasant experience of smoking a good cigar. These extremely popular stogies are carefully hand rolled and manufactured in Germany by the successful company Dannemann, one of the top fan choices in the cigars industry. Nevertheless, Al Capone cigarillos are made up of tobacco from different countries, that is, from a Nicaraguan filler and binder leaves with a combination of dark Brazilian wrapper. 

Their immense popularity is not only because they’re named after the famous gangster Al Capone but also thanks to their flavorful variety of products. The brew comes in different types, which can be delicious, Ron or Cognac of your preference, and course, many more; in terms of aroma is robust with a strength that goes from mild to medium. Usually, these cigars measure from 3 1/8 to 5 1/8 inches in length and have a ring gauge of 20; that’s why the name ‘’cigarillos’’ is very convenient to take with you anywhere you want to.

The best thing is that you can find them easily almost everywhere; because of their high demand, they will almost always be available in your favorite store or online if you prefer. The value for money is another great reason to buy them. It depends on the edition you’re buying as they offer a wide selection at affordable and lower prices. If you’re not so sure about trying a whole box, buy a single cigar so you can decide with their quick smoke if they’re suitable for you, especially if you’re a new fan.


Different products

As we mentioned before, Al Capone has a wide variety of authentic products you will look for. Still, the primary and top-seller options are sweets, cognac-infused sweets, rum-infused slims, Jamaican, Blaza, and Candela. All cigars of this brand come in filtered and unfiltered editions, the choice is on you, but you might want to know that filtered cigars have a tighter draw if we compare them with the unfiltered version. However, unfiltered smokes tend to stand out because you can easily and quickly taste more of the delicious flavor.

Their products offer an exquisite experience as a premium brand, but some stand out from the rest; here are just a few you don’t want to miss.

Al Capone Sweets Cognac Filtered

Crafted by smokers who only purchase luxury, these cigars are handmade in Honduras using both Nicaraguan and Brazilian fine tobacco, and they are one of the most popular options within the whole line. Delight yourself with these sweet cigars blessed with the smooth taste of the most delicious cognac; in each piece, you’ll find nothing but a delightful and well-balanced smoke. 

In terms of dimensions, they’re 3.5 with a ring gauge of 20, making them ideal and convenient for those looking for a short smoke but that burn very consistently. Usually, they come in 10 packs of 10, and you’ll be delighted to know that you can find them for as low as $67.95!

Al Capone Rum-Dipped Slims

These fine and sweet wrappers in which they were dipped in ensure nothing but a premium quality run, but they also tend to be one of the mildest in the whole collection. These cigars are smooth and sweet with a combination of rum nuances that will enhance your smoke, giving you a flawless experience that you certainly won’t forget. The tobacco is robust but complex, and as they come slim, they’re perfect if you want to enjoy a short but good smoke without spending lots of money. 

They also are sold in 10 packs of 10 with a size of 3 1/8 inches, and if you’re worried about the preservation of the flavor, they’re well packaged in airtight boxes. You can enjoy them for just $65.99, and if you’re looking for premium tobacco with a sophisticated scent, you must try them as soon as possible!

Al Capone Jamaican Blaze Rum-infused Cigarillos 

If you’re a rum lover, you’ll be pleased to know that these cigarillos are bathed in superb Jamaican rum, which will delight you with a yummy and exotic taste. These might suit you if you want a bouquet of flavor from the first moment you ignite them. Size is also tiny, specifically 3.5×20 with ten packs of 10, and on average, they will cost you around $65.99 or less, making them an incredible deal for your pocket. 

Al Capone Candela

Candelas are mini-cigars made with a classic Cuban seed that is later carefully wrapped in the best and unfermented leaf, adding a smooth flavor to your smoke. These cigars feature a particular and curious green wrapper, and for your comfort, their measures are 3 1/2 inches and are packaged in 10 boxes of 10 pieces with a special price of $94.00.

Summary about Al Capone Cigars

As you can see, the Al Capone brand is strongly committed to bringing to their customers only the best, and thanks to the small size and medium body of their cigars, they surpass everyone’s needs and expectations. Overall, you can easily enjoy a pleasant and sweet smoking experience without feeling overwhelmed because, as you have already noticed, plenty of choices suit your taste. Thanks to that variety, in the end, it doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie or an experimented fan; there’s one stogie for you at an incredible price, so you may soon want to start your Al Capone collection!