Are Beverage Fridges Cold Enough for Food?

Are Beverage Fridges Cold Enough for Food?

Storing food in a fridge at cold temperatures is one of the best ways to preserve food and prevent the growth of food-spoiling bacteria. Before a fridge can successfully carry out this function, it must be able to chill foods to slow down the action of these bacteria.

However, food spoilage isn’t the only issue with a beverage fridge that isn’t cooling to the proper temperature. Food-borne illness is the most devastating threat. 

If you have a beverage fridge and consider using it for food storage, its coldness is a crucial factor to look out for. This brings us back to the question. Are beverage fridges cold enough for food? Why not keep reading to find out?

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Are Beverage Fridges Cold Enough for Food

Yes and No! Why is that? The coldness of beverage fridges varies from one model to another. While some beverage fridges can cool up to 40 °F (4,44 C) and even lower, some have a temperature range greater than that. 

The U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service recommend keeping food consistently cold at or below 40 °F (4,44 C) to avoid the rapid spoilage of food. Therefore, those beverage fridges with temperature ranges from 40 °F (4,44 C) below are cold enough for food, while those above 40 °F (4,44 C) will hasten the activities of the bacteria. Visit the kismile site If you are in need of a beverage fridge that is cold enough for storing your food.

Reasons Why Your Beverage Fridge Might Fail to Meet the Ideal Temperature

You might be wondering why your beverage fridge, which used to be cold is now struggling to function properly. Well, it might be as a result of the following reasons;

  • The temperature gauge is not operating correctly.
  • The fridge is overstocked.
  • The fridge is too dirty.
  • The surrounding temperature is too hot.
  • The compressor and condenser coils are not working perfectly.
  • There is an error with the installation process.
  • The door does not close properly.
  • The power outlets are not functioning well.
  • The power cord is frayed.

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How Do You Maintain the Ideal Temperature in a Beverage Fridge?

Getting a cold beverage fridge might not be enough sometimes to keep your food cold. You should also know how to maintain the fridge’s internal temperature. How do you do this? By employing one or more of the following strategies;

  • Avoid stocking your beverage fridge with too many items
  • Reduce the number of times you open the doors of the beverage fridge.
  • Clean the fridge whenever you notice that it is dirty 
  • Avoid placing the beverage fridge in direct sunlight or near heating or cooling ducts.
  • Do not keep the beverage fridge door open longer than needed
  • Do not store warm products in the beverage fridge
  • Use a thermometer to help monitor the internal temperature of the beverage fridge.

Answers to Relevant FAQs

How Do I Know if my Beverage Fridge is Cold Enough?

To know if your beverage fridge is cold enough, you can check its temperature by using a thermometer. This can be done in  three different ways, viz;

  • The beverage fridge’s built-in temperature control sets the exact required temperatures.
  • Placing a thermometer inside the beverage fridge to get a reading.
  • Place a glass of water in the beverage fridge and let it sit for a day. Then insert the thermometer in the water to get a reading.

The last two methods can be used for beverage fridges without temperature controls and also to confirm the efficiency of the built-in thermometers.

How Cold Can a Beverage Fridge Get?

Most beverage fridges have temperature controls that can be set between 40 to 65 ℉. Depending on the model, some beverage fridges can even get as cold as 33 ℉.

What Temperature Should I Set in my Beverage Fridge?

A beverage fridge for food storage should be set at 40 ℉ or lower to prevent rapid bacteria growth and food spoilage.


When choosing a beverage fridge for your home, we advise purchasing one with a wide temperature range. It should also have at most 40℉ as its lowest temperature. This will ensure that you can store your favorite beverages and keep your food from spoiling.