Barton’s Watch Roll Carrying Case: Classic Looks and a Secure Design

Classic Leather Watch Roll Carrying Case
Photo: Steen Hansen / Old News Club

Do you need a travel case to keep your favourite watches secure, scratch-free and stylish while on the move? Then, read on and check out Barton’s latest watch roll. We guarantee it’s time well spent.

Current demand for luxury brand watches is outstripping supply. Top manufacturers refuse to increase production, leaving potential buyers with nothing but time on their hands.

The void left by this shortfall has created a pre-loved luxury watch market worth an incredible 20 billion dollars per year.

Classic Leather Watch Roll Carrying Case
Photo: Steen Hansen / Old News Club

Regardless of whether you buy new or pre-owned, quality watches exist for you to wear and enjoy. Furthermore, if you want to take your favorite timepiece on your travels, it’s important to transport it safely and securely.

About Barton Premium Watch Bands

Watch band specialists Barton based in Dallas, Texas are a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality watch bands.

Barton products’ design, quality, and workmanship put them in a class of one. So it will come as no surprise that when they honed their talents towards manufacturing a watch roll carrying case, they knew precisely how to fill the gap in the market.

The result is, the Barton watch roll carrying case, a class act designed to keep watches safe and secure while on the move.

Classic Leather Watch Roll Carrying Case
Photo: Steen Hansen / Old News Club

Made from thick, high-quality leather, the watch roll carrying case is solid, dependable, and will keep your timepiece collection protected for many years to come. The carrying case can also boast eco-friendly credentials, thanks to the recycled leather used in its construction.

Premium nylon stitching follows the contours of the roll. This design enhances its quality feel and projects the type of classic looks that can only improve with time.

The exterior is enhanced further by the concealment of four stainless steel snap closures that give the roll-down cover a reassuringly secure fit.

Inside you’ll find three compartments. Each one features a soft, colour-coordinated micro-suede lining. Meanwhile, the dividers are fixed in position while the removable well-cushioned watch pillows lock-in precision-made grooves.

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Classic Leather Watch Roll Carrying Case
Photo: Steen Hansen / Old News Club

Rest assured, you can be confident that once in place, up to 3 cherished timepieces will remain scratch-free and secure.

Solid and Well Made Watch Roll

Unpacking the Barton watch roll, the first impression is unmistakable. It feels solid and well made. Its dimensions are substantial, but there’s a reason for this, which we’ll get to shortly.

The snaps are easy to open and close while still keeping the cover firmly in place. The design leaves you with no doubt that your watches are in great hands regardless of how far and fast you travel.

So now we come to the reason behind the watch rolls generous proportions. The Barton watch roll accommodates larger watches and we at the Old News Club say hallelujah to that.

Classic Leather Watch Roll Carrying Case
Photo: Steen Hansen / Old News Club

How does Barton cater to Large Watch Enthusiasts?

Barton has catered for watch enthusiasts with 44-mm plus bracelet sizes. So if like me, you’re used to small cushions being overwhelmed by your treasured timepiece; its generous size is most welcome.

Secure your watch to the well-upholstered pillow, re-fit into its compartment, and with the snaps in place, the watch roll’s significant proportions are reassuring. Upon opening, your watch(es) will not slide around or fall out of the roll.

The Barton watch roll carrying case is available in solid black and rich brown and with its classic looks and sturdy design is not just a pretty face.

Classic Leather Watch Roll Carrying Case


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