Best 8 Retro In-Dash Stereos for Your Classic Car

Best Retro in dash stereos

Vintage Stereos with Modern Features for your Ride

Having a classic car doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with the OEM radio the car came with. You have plenty of options that will have all the shiny chrome finishes of a vintage stereo with all the features of a modern in-dash unit. It’s really a matter of finding which look best fits your aesthetic and narrowing down to the correct model that will fit your older model car. The following are the eight best retro in-dash stereo units that you can get for your classic car or truck.

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OBS: Before installing one of these sound systems in your vehicle, please make sure you have proper insurance coverage for it. Retro in-dash stereos are hot targets for thieves and most insurance providers will not cover your new stereo system unless you buy an add-on, or an endorsement, to your existing auto insurance policy.

Apache Radio

Chevrolet in-dash stereos

The Apache retro radio is the perfect piece of sound equipment for your vintage Chevy or GMC. Depending on which model you get, the OEM styling is designed to fit a 1954 Chevrolet Pickup Truck, 1955 – 1958 Chevrolet, 1955 – 59 GMC Truck, or 1954 Chevrolet Truck. Each model includes a chrome mounting bezel and chrome plastic knobs, offering a modern yet authentic look. The Apache also features an AM/FM tuner with 30 presets. For those wanting to hook up portable devices, the Apache has models with USB ports and auxiliary inputs. The high-end model that retails for $299 has push button styling with a 32,000-color display.

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Daytona Radio Motor Series

Best Retro in-dash stereos with Chrome Pushbuttons

Manufactured to be compatible with vintage Camaros, Firebirds, GTOs, and Chevelles, the Daytona Radio Motor models 2 and 4 nail down the classic look while also providing modern features. The Daytona has several push button and knob combination options to customize the look. It also features an enhanced 32,000 color LCD display, a USB port, and two auxiliary inputs for connecting portable devices. Another big win in the features category for the Daytona is that it has Bluetooth, so you can seamlessly pair your Apple or Android device.

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Detroit Radio Motor Series

Best Retro in dash stereos with black Push buttons

The Detroit Radio Motor models 2 and 4 are designed to be compatible with Ford Mustang, Falcon, and Ranchero. The radio comes with choices of knobs and features an AM/FM tuner with 30 presets. To add a little modern technology, this classic-looking radio is SiriusXM-ready, has built-in Bluetooth, and features two USB and two auxiliary inputs for your portable devices. Finally, it also features an enhanced 32,0000 color LCD display.

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Hermosa Radios

Best Retro in dash Hermosa stereos

The cool thing about the Hermosa series of radios is that it’s a classic-looking piece of equipment that can fit into several different vehicles – vintage or modern. The Hermosa comes in three distinct styles that offer the classic chrome knobs and menthol green digital read-out on the display. However, it still has all the very best features you’d get out of a modern stereo, including Bluetooth connectivity, a USB port, and two auxiliary inputs. It also has a built-in 25W 4-channel power amp already included. Be sure to check your year, make, and model to ensure that the Hermosa will fit in your specific vehicle type before purchasing.



Huntington Radio Motor Series

Ford retro in-dash stereos

The Huntington Radio Motor series comes in three different models and are designed to fit a 1961 – 1966 Ford F-Series truck, a 1961 – 1967 Ford Econoline, or a 1966 -1977 Ford Bronco. This Ford-specific classic radio is heavy on chrome and features an AM/FM tuner with 30 presets, authentic push-button styling, and a 32,000-color display. The high-end Huntington model also features USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, and 4-channel RMS power amps built-in with RCA pre-outs.


Laguna Radio Series

Laguna Radio for Classic Vehicles

The Laguna series of radios has the most offerings of classic-looking radios compared to any other manufacturer, which means that they’re likely your best bet for finding a correct fit for your vehicle. Laguna caters to all variety of vehicle owners with in-dash stereos for cars from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and more recent models. They also have a really decent price-point on all models, typically ranging from $150 to $180, which is lower than most. Of course, you’re going to get the classic look (several options available) with all the standard features such as AM/FM tuner with 30 presets, 4-channel amp, and an auxiliary input for your portable devices.

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Long Beach Radio Series

Long Beach Radio in-dash

The Long Beach series of radios is going to be a bit higher in price than most of the other brands that have been mentioned previously. However, depending on your vehicle, desired features, and the aesthetic you’re going for, you may just find it well worth the investment. The Long Beach series comes in several different looks and fits a wide variety of classic vehicles. Additionally, most models of Long Beach radio come with a Sirius tuner, built-in Bluetooth, two USB ports, and two auxiliary inputs, which makes it really for pairing external devices.



Monterey Radio Series

The Monterey Radio Series 2 and 4 models both feature a classic chrome-and-black face and knob combination in several styles with a vintage dial screen. Although the high-end model is over $400, it does come with all the features you’d want out of any stereo including an AM/FM tuner with 30 presets, authentic push-button styling, and a 32,000-color display. It also has those modern conveniences built in such as Bluetooth for adapter-free pairing, two USB ports, and a 4-channel RMS power amp with dual RCA pre-outs for hooking up your dedicated sub.

Upgrade Your Classic Car’s Stereo Today!

If you are looking to upgrade your classic car interior with a stereo that has all the looks of a vintage radio with the features you’d get out of a modern in-dash unit, then any of these models will be perfect for your next upgrade. When it comes to classic radio shopping, the most important thing is that your new in-dash unit actually fits with your specific year, make, and model of vehicle. If you’re second-guessing yourself on which one to go with or not sure about the install, car stereo installation in San Diego is available at several shops in your local area.

Not only can they help you select the perfect vintage car stereo for your type of vehicle, but they can also perform a professional install and get all your amp and subwoofer connections hooked up correctly. Vintage car stereo installation can be a bit tricky, so it’s always best to hire a professional installer if your budget allows it.

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