8 Best Watch Stands To Display Your Favorite Timepiece

Display Your Watch

If you think, that watch stands are just for shops, think again. The small and handy device keeps your favorite timepiece safe and offers simple storing while displaying your watch. And the best part; you can enjoy looking at your watch even when not wearing it.

8 Best Watch Stands

If you normally leave your watch on the bedside table when going to sleep – or maybe leave the watch by the bathroom sink…you know that it’s not the optimal place for your timepieces. In addition to dust and water getting on your watch, you risk damaging your watch and scratch the case, crown, and bracelet.

Instead, you should get a watch stand to secure your watch, get it off the table, and have a secure place to store it every day. And while you’re at it, why not get something that looks cool and fits your personal style?

We have chosen the 8 best watch stands for your favorite timepiece – some of the models can also showcase more than one watch.

Check out the list below and choose the model that best suits you and your watch (or get a great gift for someone who loves his watch).

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Horus Watch Stand for Luxury Watches

Horus Watch Stand for Luxury Watches

The watch stand by Horus Straps is a top-shelf product for your luxury watches. The stand is a great collaboration work with The Watch Stand brand. It is made of a high-quality Italian suede cushion and carbon base. The watch stand can hold any size watch, even the largest watches on the market. If you’re looking for the best watch stand for your luxury watches, then look no further than this product.


Large Genuine Leather And Marble Stand

Watch Display Stands Large Genuine Leather And Marble Stand

The large watch stand by Echo Watch Supply has a strong base made from polished natural marble. The cushion is fitted with leather (crocodile) and has an exclusive look. With this larger model, you can fit two watches on the stand (available in several color options).

SHOP HERE / $194.99 USD

Wooden T-bar Used as a Watch Display Stand

Wooden watch display stand

This watch stand has a simple T-bar shape and a raw wooden look. Thanks to a weighted base, it’s safe to hang watches at each side without tipping over (available in several color options).

SHOP HERE / $10.29 USD

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Watch Glass Display in Walnut and Brass

Watch Glass Display in Walnut and Brass

If you want something special and more romantic looking, maybe a glass display dome is the right option. This model by the Plymor Store has a walnut look MDF base and a brass wire for hanging your watch (available in several color options).

SHOP HERE / $20.33 USD

Small Handcrafted Stand

Handcrafted Leather & Marble Watch Display

This smaller watch stand by Echo Watch Supply still has a strong marble base, but only fits one watch. The cushion is fitted with smooth leather and you can go for an all-black look or one of the other exclusive color options.

SHOP HERE / $104.99 USD

Double Wooden Watch Stand

Bracelet and Watch Holder Display Stand

This 2 tier wooden watch stand by GFPR has room for 4 watches. The thick base ensures stability and the solid dark wood gives it a natural retro look.

SHOP HERE / $55.80 USD

Walnut Pyramid Watch Display

Walnut Pyramid Watch Display Stand

The walnut pyramid watch display is a great alternative to the classic watch stand. Handmade from solid walnut, this high-quality piece is decorative in itself and it treated only with clear wax oil to emphasize the natural material.

SHOP HERE / $39.96 USD

Italian Leather and Green Marble

Italian Leather and Green Marble

This exclusive watch stand is handmade from soft Italian Napa leather and has a gorgeous green marble stand. Due to the natural marble, each stand has its unique expression. Fits up to two watches.


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