Big Names on Expensive Cigars

Big names on expensive cigars

Cigars have been gaining prestige over time, obtaining a place of honor among smokers, thanks to their image improved. 

That is why great personalities of different sounds have been seen enjoying more than one cigar in public.

In general, this popularity has been obtained thanks to many available options, each with great flavors and a variety of smells and breadth, so that each person can choose the one that best suits their tastes.

Thinking about this, below, we will give you some insights about the most prominent brands, some of the most popular cigars, prices, uses, and favorites so that you can correctly choose the one that suits you best.

Crossword Big Names On Expensive Cigars

Crossword puzzles are word games that are traditionally played using writing. Like other games, it is included in the whole set of games to pass the time. Generally, it is about guessing words following a premise written as a clue. This makes many people interested in the game as a test of their intellect. 

The New York Times is famous for its crossword puzzles, making many people buy and enjoy them. In its preparation, they integrate many riddles that have answered the cigars of different brands. However, it has been established that the most common answer is Cohiba, one of the most famous cigars. 

On the other hand, not only the New York Times has cigar crossword puzzles as answers. On the contrary, cigars are present in many other crossword puzzles, placing different brands, but always with Cohiba as the most named.

What are the most expensive cigars?

One of the main problems when discussing the most expensive cigars is finding a suitable approach. At this point, reference can be made to the Royal Courtesan, considered the most expensive cigar in the world, given that it costs one million euros.

However, on average, getting your hands on an expensive cigar can give people an idea of the work that went into producing it and what can be enjoyed by consuming it. 

Some of the most expensive cigars can be enjoyed in just over 40 minutes, while others can take up to a full hour. All this must be considered when buying a cigar, no matter how expensive it may be since it will be what will indicate it. 

List of expensive cigar brands

 Below we go through some of the most famous expensive cigar brands.


Famous for being the cigars Cuban President Fidel Castro gave to his counterparts, heads of state, monarchs, and unique personalities when meeting with them.

It was founded in 1966; it stands out for being the only cigar that uses 3 of the four types of leaves used to make them. This makes its aroma and flavors characteristic and unmistakable.

BHK 52

Vitola: Laguito no. Four.
Length: 119mm.
Stock: 52. 

The Cohiba Behike 52 was first launched in 2010 and is one of the most exclusive brands of Cohiba. BHK52 is the most miniature version of this Behike collection of three sizes, whose name comes from their ring gauges. These delicate and classic cigars with a petite Robusto and Colorado wrapper are one of the aficionados’ favorite choices. This flavorful cigar of 52 ring gauge is usually sold in boxes of 10, and the price varies, but it is around $2,950. As you can see, the price is high, but it is an exclusive collection that promises to delight you and is worth every penny.

BHK 54

Vitola: Laguito no. 5.
Length: 144mm.
Stock: 54. 

Launched also in 2010, this smooth and creamy Habano 54-ring gauge is slightly larger than the BHK52. The price goes between $1,699 and $3,500 and is typically sold in lacquered boxes of 10 exquisite cigars. Its high pricing is probably due to the high demand and flawless balance in every smoke.

BHK 56

Vitola: Laguito no. 6.
Length: 166mm.
Stock: 56. 

On the other hand, the BHK56 is a giant cigar within the Cohiba Behike collection, and just like the others, it is also costly. The price of this exclusive Habano is around $1,150 and $4,500, and it is also available in boxes of 10. Despite its high cost, this cigar is the best as it comes from the most delicate tobacco leaves, giving fans an exceptional flavor. As a result, the production is very exclusive and limited, so you better want to buy one as soon as you can.


This cigar turns out to be a reference by which other expensive Havana cigars and cigars are measured, inviting you to try its excellent variety and flavor.

Its name is obtained thanks to the famous book by Alejandro Dumas, “The Count of Montecristo,” being perfect for enjoying a moment of the night reading.

At first, it was made up of 5 violas numbered from 1 to 5, but over time new ones were added, which have managed to keep the brand name high.

Especial Montecristo

Vitola: Laguito no. 1.
Length: 192mm.
Stock: 38. 

This unique cigar creation is handmade in the Dominican Republic and has the finest and tastiest Dominican flavor. With a 38-ring gauge, the Montecristo Classic Especial No.3 is available in different presentations; the most common is the 25 cigar-box for around $700. You can also find it in 20 cigar boxes for $247 to $294, but if you don’t want to spend too much, you can buy the 15-box for $186.

Petit Edmund

Vitola: Petit Edmundo.
Length: 110mm.
Stock: 52. 

The Petit Edmund line is one of the most chic-looking that Montecristo has; it features a small but tasty Habano that will please you with a calm and assertive burning sensation. With a petit Robusto format and a 52-ring gauge, the good news is that it is not as expensive as other good choices. The 25-cigar box costs approximately $500, and the 10-cigar box is $277, but if you’re a new cigar lover and want to give it a shot, you can buy a single one for only $25 bucks.


Vitola: Laguito no. 3.
Length: 115mm.
Stock: 26. 

The Montecristo Joyita’s are elegant and delicious cigars of a 26-ring gauge that promise to exceed your expectations with a full-flavored smoke. Like other finest brands, it comes in boxes of 25 cigars and will be yours by paying around $210, but you can also buy one for the small price of $11.50.


Vitola: Maravillas no. two.
Length: 165mm.
Stock: 55. 

With a ring gauge of 55, Leyenda by Montecristo is the largest and most popular stogie of the Linea 1935 series. It is well-known for its full-body cigar and rich flavor and is mainly presented in a 20-cigar box that costs between $499 to $755, depending on where you buy them.


Vitola: Outstanding.
Length: 153mm.
Stock: 53. 

The second size in the Linea 1935 series is the Maltese cigar, which features an exquisite caramel color wrapper. With a 49-ring gauge, they are generally available in 20 cigar boxes for around $1,520, making them one of the most expensive products of Montecristo.


Vitola: Prominent short.
Length: 130mm.
Stock: 49. 

The third and smallest size of this Linea 1935 is the Dumas; it was first released in 201 and included a 49-ring gauge. Since it is a premium line, these medium to full-strength cigars cost approximately $699 and come in boxes of 20 pieces.

Churchills Añejados

Vitola: Julieta no. two.
Length: 178mm.
Stock: 47. 

These sweet cedar-flavored cigars with a medium-full body are the second release of the Añejados collection. Like other Habanos, they’re sold in boxes of 25 pieces, and their price is around $600, but you can buy one for only $37. Of course, it depends on where you buy them, but like other Montecristo cigars, they’re pretty expensive.


In 1840 the German banker Herman Upmann decided to start his brand of cigars, with which he offered a wide variety of refined cigars with medium strength flavor where the aromas of musk, wood, and roasted coffee prevailed.

In general, these cigars are much more robust, and with character, so they are only recommended for people who already have experience with cigars.

Connoisseur No. 1

Vitola: Hermosos no. Four.
Length 127mm.
Stock: 48. 

Featuring the very best Robusto, the Connoisseur No. 1 by Upmann is surprisingly cheaper than other exclusive cigars. With satisfying smoke and rich flavor, you can have a box of 25 of these gems for only $439, which is a big deal if we consider that they have a pure Cuban tobacco taste.

Coronas Major

Vitola: Eminent.
Length: 132mm.
Stock: 42. 

With a ring gauge of 42 and a light to medium flavor, Coronas Major cigars are perfect for your daily enjoyment. If you want to experience a gentle and tasty smoke, they’re available in a box of 25 Habanos for an incredible price of $209. Of course, you can also buy one for only $23, but it’s better and worth buying the whole box.

Magnum 50

Vitola: Magnum 50.
Length: 160mm.
Stock: 50. 

Named after its 50-ring gauge, the H.Upmann Magnum 50 are medium to full-strength cigars with a flavor mixture of vanilla and cinnamon. Luckily, they’re available in four different formats: 25, 15, 10, 3, and even one cigar, which gives aficionados more options to enjoy this fine collection. Depending on the demand, the price may vary, but the cost of one is around $38, while the 25-cigar box is approximately $942.


Vitola: Creams.
Length: 140mm.
Stock: 40. 

This true Cuban stogie has a 40-ring gauge with a creamy and toasted tobacco taste and is perfect for newcomers and long-time aficionados. It’s available in boxes of 25 cigars for around $179, creating the ideal balance between high quality and excellent price for a top brand like Upmann.

Upman No. 2 Vintage Reserve (2010)

Vitola: Pyramids.
Length: 156mm.
Stock: 52. 

The Upman No. 2 Vintage Reserve features a soft smoke with an oaky and creamy flavor thanks to the high-quality Cuban leaves. Since their release, they’re presented in a box of 20 units that cost between $2,299 and $4,900. Only 5,000 units were launched, so it does not surprise the high price and huge demand.

Humidor Réplica Antigua (CDH)

Vitola: Imperial tacos.
Length: 168mm.
Stock: 48. 

This unique Réplica Antigua humidor by Upmann features different wood species, and each stogie has 58 ring gauge. It has 50 cigars per box, and the whole set costs approximately $7,311, which is an incredible offer considering the high-quality brand and cigar number.

Romeo y Julieta

Romeo y Julieta cigars are one of the most popular in the world thanks to the fact that Winston Churchill was a great consumer of the brand, also giving him his nickname, “Churchill.”

They maintain a medium flavor proposal, linked to an interesting balance and aroma that make it stand out wherever they are. 


Vitola: Bells.
Length: 140mm.
Stock: 52. 

This fine cigar selection of Romeo y Julieta has a ring gauge from 48 to 54 and is famous for its well-constructed flavor and awesome burnt. Typically, the Belicosos are presented in a box of 25 cigars, costing approximately $495, but sometimes you can find some deals and buy them for only $220.


Vitola: Belvederes.
Length: 125mm.
Stock: 39. 

These medium-bodied stogies have a 39-ring gauge and are hand-rolled with the best selection of Cuban tobacco. The Belveredes come in boxes of 25 pieces and are for sale from $99 to $255, but of course, you can buy single units for only $5 or a little bit more, depending on the seller.


Vitola: Hunters.
Length: 162mm.
Stock: 43. 

Cazadores is one of the favorite choices of cigar lovers as they’re pure Cuban with a powerful aroma and robust flavor. They feature honey and spice scents along with a ring gauge of 43 that’s perfect for a carry-on. Plus, in a fantastic wooden box, you’ll find 25 finest cigars that cost you between $315 and $449.


Vitola: Julieta no. two.
Length: 178mm.
Stock: 47. 

Named after Winston Churchill, these Habanos feature a medium-bodied stogie with a perfect balance and the finest tobaccos. Fortunately, they’re available in different box sizes; the 50 box costs $337and the 25 box costs $169. However, you can also buy five cigars for $35 or one for the incredible deal of $9.

Pricey: how much are the most expensive cigars?

In general, expensive cigars have a different market appreciation since, depending on their refinement, they will have a much higher price.

An example is the Royal Courtesan, the most expensive cigar in the world with a value of one million dollars.

However, if you are a fan of expensive cigars, you can find a wide variety of prices on the market, depending on the brand and the specifications of each one.

It should be noted that the competition is relatively even between brands with the same prestige, as in the case of Cohiba and Montecristo.

You have to know how to choose the best cigar for each person and enjoy the charm of being able to smoke it. 

Our favorite expensive cigars.

If they ask us about our favorite, we undoubtedly choose the Montecristo no. 4, which you can get for $2,480.

It has a medium length and ring gauge, the most classic format of the Hamano’s and one that has proven to work very well.

It maintains a vitola de Galera Mareva Cigar, which turns out to be a standard in the brand’s Classic Line but makes the cigar much stronger. As an interesting fact, we can tell you that this was Ernesto Che Guevara’s favorite cigar.

On the other hand, it offers you an emblematic smoke that will last approximately 40 minutes with a medium to strong flavor, with a unitary presentation that makes it easy to enjoy the taste whenever you want.

Undoubtedly, this cigar is chosen for each of its elements, among which it is worth mentioning its elaboration with four different varieties of leaves that come from the best-cared-for harvests.

Its taste, smell, and style make it the ideal cigar for any occasion, inviting you to buy it and enjoy it. 

Montecristo cigars

Summarize big names on expensive cigars

There are many expensive cigars in the world, designed with different aromas, flavors, and textures. 

As you have seen, some of the best brands offer different designer cigars that are ideal for trying them out and choosing the best among the best. 

Each has its characteristics and works for different occasions, ideal for enhancing the love of cigars in smokers like you. 

The important thing is to correctly choose each cigar to enjoy and always remember that apart from these brands, others can well satisfy the taste of those who are used to delighting in such.