The Black Star Car Wash in Moscow

A car wash doesn’t seem like an architect’s preferred location… Nevertheless, the Black Star Car Wash in Moscow, Russia perfectly illustrates how architecture is an artform. Here, the perception of space is modified with visual effects and the result is nothing like your ordinary car wash!

The Black Star Car Wash in Moscow
Photo credit: Mikhail Loskutov
The Black Star Car Wash in Moscow
Photo credit: Mikhail Loskutov

Car wash with a “wow” factor

The architects at GretaProject took on a big challenge when creating a unique car wash in the city center of Moscow. The customer wanted a space resembling an art object with a big “wow” factor while keeping the necessary functionality. What made the challenge even bigger was the underground location with low ceilings and no natural light.

Lamborghini Murcielago polished
Lamborghini Murcielago at the Black Star car wash. Photo credit: Mikhail Loskutov

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The interior concept is based on a transformation of the space by breaking up lines with new shapes and patterns. This is accomplished with a combination of a dark graphite color, bright calligraphy compositions and light installations.

Lamborghini Murcielago ready for cleaning
Photo credit: Mikhail Loskutov

Black Star symbolic and light installations

The customer’s label “Black Star” is incorporated into the calligraphy pattern which both creates a memorable setting and expands the space visually. A black sun (symbol of the label) is used for the lighting structure in the form of a ring in each of the washing boxes. Light installations are also used for adding energy into the space and lead the visitors to the main part of the facility. A light sign near the entrance of the carwash is the hallmark of the project and the first thing that attracts attention.

Cleaning orange Porsche
Photo credit: Mikhail Loskutov

More information on Black Star car wash:

Total area: 1200 m2
Built in 2018
Architecture and design by GretaProject
Architects: Margarita Denisova & Maxim Kashin

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