Blind man drives car for the first time

Blind man drives car for the first time
Mercedes Benz

Bart Hickey, like every other car-enthusiast, loved cars as he grew up as a child. He knew he wanted to become a mechanic one day – even though he has been blind since birth. Now owner of Bart’s Automotive and Towing, Bart has spent his life working in and around cars. Despite being around cars all the time, Bart could never drive one. His son, Brendan Hickey too, is a petrolhead himself and has always wanted to fulfil his dad’s dream of being behind the wheel for the first time in his life.

Mercedes Benz helps blind man drive car for the first time

There could not be a better gift to give to his father than a chance behind the wheel of a car. Mercedes Benz were kind enough to team up with Brendan to give his father this chance of a lifetime.

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