BMW R80 Café Racer by ROA Motorcycles

BMW R80 Café Racer by ROA Motorcycles

This great-looking BMW R80 café racer is built by ROA Motorcycles. The Spanish custom shop has revived the original ROA brand from the 1950s. Among the successful unique designs is this stunning R80! Check it out below and get the full list of specs.

BMW R80 Café Racer by ROA Motorcycles

BMW R80 Café Racer: ROA #16

The BMW R80 with reference “ROA #16” has quickly become an Internet favorite. This is thanks to its unique style that combines a scrambler and café brat. The key design elements with the brown suede seat and the glossy blue tank make the bike stand out. All the other small details improve it even further. An important part of the bike’s visuals is the hooped subframe. This feature provides a smooth flowing line that mirrors the groove of the seat.

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BMW R80 Café Racer by ROA Motorcycles

Tidying up the dashboard has given the R80 a more minimalistic style. The T&T speedometer in the center blends in nicely. Clip-on mirrors have been placed low for a bit of attitude together with some chunky wheels.

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A great feature at the back is the LED brake light that floats above the license plate and gives a clean look.

A great feature at the back is the LED brake light. The fact that they almost float above the license plate gives a clean look.

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lots of different types from 500cc to 1000cc and finally the great sound of the BMW boxer engine.

The popular BMW R-Series

The BMW R-Series is very popular for building café racers due to several reasons. Firstly, it’s one of the most sold motorcycles around the world. Secondly, it’s very reliable and the shaft drive means less maintenance. The low center of gravity gives solid handling and you can choose from many different types ranging from 500cc to 1000cc. Finally, you get the great sound of the boxer engine.

BMW R80 Café Racer by ROA Motorcycles

Specifications of the BMW R80 “ROA #16”:

  • Brown faux-suede seat
  • High-gloss navy blue tank
  • Brown hand grips
  • Matte-black components
  • Low clip-on mirrors
  • Minimalistic dashboard with T&T speedometer
  • LED brake light floating about the license plate holder

BMW R80 Café Racer by ROA Motorcycles

About ROA Motorcycles

ROA Motorcycles was founded by industrial designer Jamie Fenwick in 2014. However, the story of the Spanish garage goes back to the early 1950s. Jamie’s grandfather was the creator of the Madrid-based manufacturer Industrias Motorizados Onieva S.A. – a motorcycle company with close connections to BMW. In addition to the BMW link, they also had a strong tradition for creating their own innovative designs. Jamie has revived the brand used by his grandfather. He continues to mark his designs with “R.O.A.” which are the initials of his grandfather’s name, Rafael Onieva Ariza.

In their relatively short time span, ROA Motorcycles have been busy building several custom bikes. Their successful designs have given the brand a lot of attention as one of the builders to watch. We couldn’t agree more!

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