The most famous Bond movies of all times

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There are many marvelous characters within the film industry, but just a few are memorable and have left a unique legacy. So I’m sure that by just mentioning the number 007, you immediately know who I’m referring to. James Bond, aka ‘’Agent 007,’’ is undoubtedly the favorite spy of many generations who grew up watching this extraordinary man. 

Having been trained in intelligence and special forces, there’s nothing this super-spy can’t do; he can easily defeat any villain while always having a gorgeous woman by his side. James Bond made his first film appearance in 1962 with Dr. No, marking the beginning of a series of decades-long films. Although all of them are worth watching, below are some of the most famous movies this beloved character starred in.

Dr. No (1962) 

Sean Connery is agent 007 in the movie that started it all, and here James Bond confronts Dr. No, a mysterious scientist whose aim is destroying the US space program. Bond is forced to travel to Jamaica as the plot develops to face this villain in his headquarters on the island. The film was later considered one of the most iconic action movies, so Sean was launched to stardom as his acting was highly acclaimed. So it’s not surprising that this project is usually among the best James Bond movies, according to fans.

– Dr. No is iconic since Bond’s love for casinos and gambling games was first seen here, especially Chemin de Fer, also known as Baccarat. In this film, our beloved spy plays with one of his recurrent love interests, the beautiful Sylvia Trench, who is losing against him. From that moment, agent 007 and Baccarat seemed to go hand-in-hand every time he got the chance, says Rico from, a page that compares Swedish casino reviews online

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From Russia With Love (1963) 

Sean Connery is back in the second blockbuster film of the fearless spy, and it follows the journey of James trying to battle SPECTRE, a secret crime organization. In this sequel, James helps a Soviet Union employee named Tatiana Romanova, but he doesn’t know that she’s part of the trap from their enemies to kill him. Once he’s aware of the situation and after deadly encounters with the enemy, James needs to trust his cunning to escape safely and soundly. As a result of the tense situations, the movie culminates in excellent drama and action sequences that consolidate the film as one of the best in the franchise.

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Goldfinger (1964) 

Goldfinger was the third movie in this famous franchise, and the legend Sean Connery also made his third appearance as James Bond. The plot focuses on the spy trying to uncover and sabotage Auric Goldfinger’s plans, which are more concerning than the gold smuggling he was accused of. In addition, several scenes in this movie are considered some of the most recognizable and outstanding from the Bond series, all remaining in the public’s memory. One of those iconic scenes was Oddjob’s deadly hat and a laser beam slowly approaching the spy when he was helplessly lying on the floor.

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Skyfall (2012) 

Unfortunately, in this 2012 hit portrayed by Daniel Craig, James Bond’s latest mission goes wrong and causes terrible consequences. Several undercovered MI6 agents are exposed worldwide, and the MI6 is forced to relocate the agency following a disastrous attack on them. That’s why the famous agent enlists a field agent to help him follow a trail to Silva, a man from M’s past who wants to make amends. Since Skyfall begins with Bond being presumed dead after the failed mission, there are outstanding emotional elements that shine through and help set the scene for the rest of the plot. Craig does a fantastic job as Bond, and the rest of the cast makes the movie even more unique and enjoyable.

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Thunderball (1965) 

Sean Connery returns in his fourth movie appearance as agent 007, and in Thunderball, he faces a new threat. As part of an extortion scheme, SPECTRE, led by the evil Emilio Largo, hijacks two warheads from a NATO plane and threatens massive nuclear destruction. In the Bahamas, James Bond is sent to recover the warheads from Largo’s lair while facing shark and men attacks. Overall, Thunderball offers compelling plot elements, solid performances, and one of the most thrilling climaxes in a James Bond project, helping it become a classic among all fans. 

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The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) 

This time, Roger Moore took up the mantle of James Bond, and the British super-spy was sent on a globe-trotting mission. There he skis off cliff edges and drives a car underwater with a beautiful Russian agent to defeat a shipping magnate planning to destroy New York with nuclear weapons. This time, the agent’s biggest adversary is the magnate’s henchman, a giant seven-footer with steel teeth called Jaws. In addition to Moore’s flawless acting, Barbara Bach co-stars as KGB Major Anya Amasova, making it one of the best spy movies ever. 

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Casino Royale (2006) 

Casino Royale is an icon in the 007 franchise, not only because Daniel Craig did an excellent job in his first appearance as James Bond but also received the best reviews. In this release, the newest super-spy heads to Madagascar after obtaining a license to kill. Once he arrives there, he uncovers a link to Le Chiffre, a financier of terrorist organizations. Later on, James is sent to take on Le Chiffre and prove the spy’s abilities when MI6 finds out that this enemy is planning to raise money in high poker stakes.

– In the book, it’s actually Baccarat that is played. But in 2006, Texas Hold’em was massive, leading to the movie being about Texas Hold’em instead, Rico from continues. 

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Of course, there are more worth watching of agent 007, but here we showed you just some of the most famous and popular. After all, your criteria will make the difference when choosing the best ones, but the truth is that the James Bond franchise is superb. Luckily, this beloved super-spy still has missions to take care of, and hopefully, we’ll be watching another installment soon with fresh new talent. So if you haven’t watched this classic saga, you’re just in time to enjoy it and fall for this fantastic protagonist that will entertain you with his many adventures.