Bringing Old Gaming Controllers to Life

Bringing old gaming controllers to life

All old-school gamers are fond of the classic controllers. However, the modern consoles have turned the old pieces into childhood memories most likely taking up space in your drawers. But, what if the controllers could be modified to work with the modern devices? Dream no more, the modification kits are available!

Modify your gaming experience

8BitDo, who has made a name for itself by releasing wireless retro controllers, is creating kits for retro gamers to modify their beloved controllers into modern pieces with Bluetooth technology and re-chargeable Lithium-ion batteries. 

With just a screwdriver you will be able to make your controller compatible with modern devices by replacing the original PCB board with a new one. A custom-designed component fills the cable hole, providing LED indicator lights and a charging port for the battery. For classic game fans, this is a dream come true!

The modification kits are available for the NES, NES Classic, SNES, SNES Classic, and Genesis and are compatible with Windows, Android, macOS, Steam, Nintendo Switch, Raspberry Pi via 8BitDo’s receivers.

Read more about it and buy your own mod-kit for $19.99

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