Busted: 5 Common Myths About Car Tires

Myths about car tires

Are you confident that you know how to take care of your car tires? If not, don’t worry – you’re not alone. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around out there about car tires, and it can be tough to tell fact from fiction. In this post, we’ll dispel some of the most common myths about car tires, so that you can make sure you’re taking good care of your vehicle. Read on to learn more!

Car tires do not have a lifespan

Have you ever wondered white to believe and want to just forget when it comes to facts about your car tires? Well, something that many people don’t believe is that car tires have a lifespan. Many people think that as long as their tier hasn’t popped or been shredded yet then it’s still good to go and still roadworthy.

However, it is very much a fact that car tires do have a lifespan and they should be replaced every so often for them to be roadworthy and for you to avoid any kind of danger on the road and be as safe as possible.

But their lifespan comes to an end when you start to see the tread on the tire becoming smaller and smaller. You should replace your tires before they become smooth as when they are smooth it is dangerous, especially in wet or icy conditions.

All car tires are created equal

Many people are under the impression that all car tires are created equally, and this is simply not the case at all. Something to note is that you have budget tires and premium tires. Their name speaks for themselves, but budget tires are cheaper and typically not as durable or built of as high a quality as the premium tires

When buying new tires for your car you want to consider what kind of tires you want and whether or not you want to get premium tires or budget tires and for what reason you’ve made this decision. Take a look at this tire shops in Edmonton if you want to know what goes into high-quality tires. It is not true that all car tires are created equal and there are ones that are much better than others.

You don’t need to replace your car tires until they wear out

As mentioned above when talking about the lifespan of a tire people are under the impression that you don’t need to replace your tires until they wear out or until they break. But this is simply not the case and can be very dangerous.

You need to replace your tires before they wear out to avoid any kind of danger or accident and to make yourself as safe as possible on the road.

Buying used car tires is always a bad idea

Well yes, buying brand new tires will always be best for your car, buying used tires will never be the end of the world unless you are buying used tires that are very old and are not roadworthy or suitable to be driven on.

many people choose to replace their car tires as often as possible if they can afford to and this means that they often replace tires that are perfectly fine and perfectly usable and therefore are tires that you can very easily use for your car at a much cheaper price.

It’s expensive to buy new car tires

Last but not least it is not always expensive to buy car tires yes, you can buy very expensive premium tires, but you can also buy budget tires that are more budget-friendly and while they are still expensive, they are more suitable to those who can’t afford the premium tires.

As mentioned above you can also buy used car tires that are still in good condition, and these will be even cheaper than the budget tires. You also don’t have to buy a full set of four tires every single time you just need to replace the ones that are on their last legs.