Car Collection With Over 300 Cars Revealed For The First Time In 30+ Years

Car Collection With Over 300 Cars Revealed For The First Time

AMMO NYC is behind this video of an incredible car collection! More than 300 cars that have been stored in warehouses since the 1970s are revealed. Discovering these rare cars is amazing. However, barn finds also pose a dilemma since these cars were built to be driven. Some of them are even ultra-rare racecars built for the track. The good thing is, that the guys from AMMO NYC are experts in restoring and detailing these priceless pieces of automotive history. It’s a pleasure to watch how one of the cars on the collection – a Bizzarrini P538 with a price tag of almost $1,000,000 – is washed and detailed to its former glory.

The plan is to sell all cars from the collection. Thus, if you see anything you like (and have an ‘ok’ from your accountant) here’s your option! Simply reach out to them via the e-mail posted in the video below to get more information. AMMO NYC has also promised to share more footage from the collection. Therefore, you should make sure to subscribe to their channel after watching the amazing video!

$1,000,000 Barn Find: First Wash in 32 Years! Bizzarrini P538

For more information about any of the cars seen in the video, please email: [email protected]