The cassette tapes are back in business!

First, the vinyl became modern again, now the time has come for the good old cassette tapes. In this video you see the process on the last cassette tape factory that didn’t give up.

Growing popularity of cassette tapes in the music industry

The vinyl gives you some warmth and authenticity to the music – it’s harder to find good arguments for listening to cassette tapes, besides that it’s cool and retro. National Audio Company opened in 1969, and held on tight trough the millennium and till now.

Now, the cassette maker is pumping out more cassettes than ever before thanks to a growing popularity in the music industry. Check out the video, to learn more about how they have managed to keep the old equipment going, and why they did not give up!

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Cassettes in numbers

  • 1935: Recording tapes were invented. Mainly used by professional recording studios and radio stations.
  • 1958: The first reversible cassette tape is invented and released by RCA.
  • 1962: Philips invented the first compact cassettes for audio storage.
  • 1964: First home recorders with compact cassette technology were released.
  • 1966: First music albums released on the cassette format. (Nina Simone, Eartha Kitt, and Johnny Mathis.)
  • 1970S: Cassette Decks were introduced to cars, replacing the 8 track players.
  • 1979: Sony released the Walkman – a portable music player that revolutionised the way that people consumed music on the go.
  • 2001: Cassettes lost the battle to CDs.