Classic Car Shipping Guide

Classic Car Shipping Guide

Can you believe that someone can trust their precious classic car to be sent without stress?

A classic car is a possession that deserves special attention. Firstly, a repair can be costly if something goes wrong. Then, we are talking about a unique car, which is generally invaluable to its owners.

Classic Car Shipping Guide
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However, if you act carefully, you can make sure that the delivery of your classic car is successful and without risk. This article may help a little. It will shed some light on things to consider when organizing a safe journey for your car.

The Shipping Process In A Nutshell

Delivery of a classic car is probably not a daily experience for most people. Therefore, when it comes time to leave and get the car to you, the first step that you may want to do is to get an overall picture of how the transportation process works.

The delivery process is a safer option for moving your car compared to driving it by yourself over a long distance. However, specific steps should be taken to make the transport go painlessly.

Of course, this is not a list of “mandatory cases” and not the only way to organize the delivery, but these tips can be useful:

  • Choose a reliable transportation company
  • Find out what options it has to offer for your classic road transport and choose the most suitable one for you
  • Prepare your car for moving away
  • Make sure your insurance issues are dealt with appropriately.

Let’s look closer at each step.

How to Choose A Shipping Company

Choosing a reliable transportation company is a difficult task. Below are some essential tips on how to find it:

  • Look for companies on the Internet with official registration;
  • Take a close look at the company’s website;
  • Check online reviews;
  • Talk to company representatives;
  • Ask about the history of a classic car company.

The research may take some time. However, a reliable shipping company is a crucial factor in the transportation process. Therefore, research is always worth spending time on.

What Service Options To Consider

Typically, shipping companies offer different pickup and drop-off methods, as well as various types of trucks carrying a vehicle, the most common of which are listed below.

Classic Car Shipping Guide
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Pickup and Drop off Methods

There are two main options are as follows:

The first option is much cheaper. If you choose this option, you will need to get the car from both terminals. The one at the starting point and the other in your destination city. It can also take a long time as it may be that you have to wait for the cargo that is going between the terminals to be full.

The second option is usually more expensive. However, the advantages that you get here are apparent. The car will be delivered directly to the place that you choose and for the time that you set unless the selected destination is inaccessible for the vehicle.

When transporting a classic car, there is almost no difference in safety between the two options.

Types of Transporting Trucks

Usually, there are two types of trucks:

  • Open road transport services;
  • Indoor car transport services.

The open type of transport service is a relatively cheap option. However, the car may be slightly damaged in such transport, due to outside elements. Usually, such damage is covered by insurance.

Transportation services for closed vehicles are more expensive. However, for classic cars, it may be a better option because the car will be fully protected in a truck.

The type of vehicle may be a decisive factor in the safety of the journey when transporting your car. Take a closer look at the comparison between outdoor and indoor transportation options.

Getting Your Vehicle Ready

Usually, a transportation company helps car owners prepare the vehicle for shipment. However, learning some necessary preparation steps in advance can be useful. It will help you make sure you don’t miss any substantial parts of the process.

Empty the Car

Such an easy part of the preparation, but very risky to miss.

Anything left inside a car can accidentally damage it. Make sure that the interior, trunk, and even all consoles and seats are empty.

Do An Inspection of the Vehicle

It is recommended to ask a professional mechanic to inspect and confirm the condition of the car thoroughly. However, you could also do your own mechanical inspection, by using a workshop manual to help you.

You can easily find your specific car manual online. For example, if you have a Honda Civic, it is good that you use the manual to locate any mechanical problems.

While the mechanic can check the battery, tire pressure, and other indicators of the technical and electrical condition of the car, take the time to examine the vehicle as thoroughly as possible. Find all external damage, like any scratches or dents.

Classic Car Shipping Guide
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Photograph the Car

Once the mechanic has finished checking the car and you have finished examining it, make sure the general condition of the vehicle is recorded.

Make this documentation detailed by attaching photos with stickers and dates. Keep this documentation until the car reaches its destination, and make sure the condition has not changed during transportation.

Consult The Shipping Company On Everything

It is imperative to discuss all the transportation details with the shipping company, especially on everything that needs to be done to prepare the vehicle for the trip. The transport company takes responsibility for the rest.

The company can give you all the useful advice you need to prepare your vehicle for travel. For example, turn off the car alarm, remove high parking marks, permits, and other minor steps that need to be taken so that your rights are fully protected. The safety of your trip depends only on the shipping company.

If you manage to choose a reliable company, there should be no problem. The transportation of a classic car is a particular case. However, most transportation companies are professionals.

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Any Guarantees?

Before handing over the car to a shipping company, it is vital to settle everything with your insurance.

It is advisable to consult both the carriers and the insurance company for all the necessary information. These include the conditions, restrictions, and general information about the insurance that you already have, or should obtain before shipping.

All sources can be useful to make the insurance aspect of the shipment clear. These sources may include professionals, online car insurance guides, or advice from someone who has already gone through this experience before.

If the primary condition of the car is correctly recorded and insurance is in place, it is hardly worth worrying about.

To Sum It Up

Organizing a safe journey for a classic car can seem like a daunting task. However, it is quite feasible. Moreover, the owner of a vehicle can pass this test without stress or painful losses.

Even though a professional shipping company is beneficial here, the owner, who makes decisions, also plays an essential role in ensuring that the whole transportation process goes smoothly and without unnecessary worries.

With detailed information about the transportation process and about what steps to take and what things to consider, a classic car can be shipped in one piece.