Common Car Parts in Supercars

There’s no denying that many different car brands use the exact same parts, but it seems absolutely bizarre when you apply this logic to exotic cars. To think that the illustrious McLaren F1 shares the same wing mirrors that were kicked from the Volkswagen Corrado.

We’d think that all supercars are completely bespoke, crafted using a blend of titanium, carbon fibre and gold. However, even the biggest supercar marques have budgets and regulations. In light of this, here are car parts that some supercars share with “normal” cars.

The Lamborghini Murciélago’s Ford Indicator Lights

Lo and behold, the mighty car manufacturer Lamborghini shares parts with Ford. The new millennium saw Lamborghini introduce the Murciélago, which quickly went on to become one it’s most desired models.

With its classic sports profile, Dover 570 horsepower, a 3.8 second 0-60 time, and the roar of its naturally aspirated V12, there are many impressive sides to the Murciélago. But did you know that almighty Murciélago’s side indicator lights come straight off the 1990 Ford Focus?

This little secret was spilled and gained a lot of attention in 2023 thanks to Mat Armstrong’s TikTok, which highlighted the part. It might not have seemed like such a big deal, but the Ford logo could be seen as clear as day and looked as if it had been applied with tape. So, for those Murciélago owners, if you even find yourself in a situation where the indicator breaks, instead of paying Lamborghini’s prices, head to a Ford dealership where you can buy the replacement for approximately $8.50.

Aston Martin used a number of Ford and Mazda parts

Have you ever noticed how the Ford Fiesta resembled the Aston Marton DB9 at one point? Coincidence? We think not. Between 1991 and 2007, Ford was the proud owner of Aston Martin, which led to a rumour that some of Aston Martin’s cars were powered by Ford’s Duratec V6 engines. As you can imagine, an Aston Martin with the same motors as Ford might not make it as desirable to those in the market for a supercar, but to the relief of many they were just rumours.

However, they did share several components with the AM V12, and quite a few other parts. Parts shared included Ford Crown Victoria’s steering wheel, which ended up on the Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Ford wasn’t the only manufacturer to lend some parts to the British supercar manufacturer, but the tail lights on the DB7 were also taken from the Mazda 323F.

A Lotus Esprit had Toyota Corolla Coupe tail lights

What does the Lotus Esprit and the common Toyota Corolla Coupe have in common? Take a look at the taillights and tell us if you notice a similarity or two. Yes, the iconic European supercar, James Bond’s “Wet Nellie”, with some of the most innovative features, nicked its tail lights from one of the most accessible cars on the road, the Toyota Corolla Coupe.

The Porsche 996 had parts from another Porsche

Arguably, many Porsche enthusiasts never found the 966 to be of the same elite standing as other models, and maybe some of them had a sneaky suspicion that its parts weren’t all that original. Many weren’t taken by surprise to find out that the 966 did indeed use Boxster parts.

In a time when Porsche was struggling financially, you can see where the temptation to cut costs came from, and it was then that the car manufacturer decided to opt for bargain parts in assembly. Many would have been fine if there had been one or two parts that overlapped between the two cars, but when the list is as long as it was, you can see why car enthusiasts might not be too eager to buy.

Jaguar XJ220

had Citroen CX wing mirrors

When thinking of outstanding British supercars, the Jaguar XJ220 definitely comes to mind. They’re known for their luxurious appeal, with its big V12 hidden by its majestic bodywork that even Italians adore. While the sleek profile is what lends to its gorgeous aesthetic, there’s so much more than what meets the eye.

Surprisingly enough, the wing mirrors were actually taken from a modest 1980s French sedan, the Citroen CX. While there are a lot of things the CX did right, it’s not exactly what you’d classify as supercar-level good.

Final Thoughts

So, in all, should you ever find yourself behind the wheel of one of these prestigious rides or longing after one, always remember that at the end of the day, some of their parts are just as ordinary as your Toyota Corolla parked down the street. For those who do own exotic cars, remember that the next time you need a replacement part, the online car parts shop like My Auto Parts could have just what you need at a fraction of the price.