Cool Online Privacy Gadgets to Own in 2024

YubiKey 5 NFC Two Factor Authentication USB

The Internet is jam-packed with articles that guide you on the best ways to stay safe online. You can learn about digital tools to hide your identity, tools to scan for malware and clean computer viruses at the click of a button.

But ever wondered if there were physical gadgets you could purchase for your online security? Help is here. In this article, we look at seven best-selling tools you can use to increase online privacy. Let’s get started.

 #1: YubiKey 5 NFC Two Factor Authentication USB

YubiKey 5 NFC Two Factor Authentication USB

Worried that hackers could crack your passwords and steal your identity? There’s a solution. And it’s more effective and advanced than alternative tools. Named YubiKey 5NFC, this USB gadget provides an extra layer of security to all your online accounts.

Think of your shopping, investment and gaming accounts. If you’ve provided your personal identification information and credit card numbers to these companies, then you can benefit from the YubiKey.

You see, a password isn’t the magical solution it once was. Hackers nowadays use sophisticated tools to social engineer your passwords. They can also use phishing tactics by impersonating people you know or use software that logs data from your keyboard.

With the YubiKey, not only do you need to enter a password to log into your account but you must also insert this USB to your computer and tap on it. This means hackers can’t get into your accounts unless they steal your password and also the YubiKey.

The Yuki Key is an NFC device. That means you can use it to authorize accounts on your smartphone by simply bringing it closer to your smartphone. It is durable, easy to use and costs slightly under $50.

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#2: Winston Privacy

Winston Privacy
Photo: Winston Privacy

Hackers, advertisers, social media giants, ISP providers, governments—is your data ever safe online? The simple answer is no. The long answer is that you can protect your data using a VPN service. For clarity, you need a premium service for the ultimate protection.

Free VPN companies limit your bandwidth. They slow down your connection, log your data and even leak it.  Winston Privacy is a type of VPN gadget that eliminates all these problems. Firstly, it protects all Internet devices in your home, including smartphones.

How does it work? You place Winston Privacy device in your house, preferably close your home router. Then you switch it on and it anonymizes data transferred between your router and computer devices.

Winston also offers data-blocking services. It can shield you from 90,000+ adverts, spyware, adware and other online threats.

#3: Mic-Lock Microphone Blocker

Mic-Lock Microphone Blocker

Online threats come in all forms and shapes. Eaves dropping is one of them. Some people spy on you to listen to your conversations for all sorts of reasons. Hackers might overhear you mentioning your address or credit card numbers while a wannabe burglar could discover when you’re not around.

The Mic-Lock microphone blocker protects you from eavesdroppers by locking your microphone. Crucially, this doesn’t prevent you from listening to music. The device comes with an adaptor that ensures you can plug in your headphones while the blocker is in user.

In case you’re wondering, Mic-Lock’s microphone blocker doesn’t switch off your microphone. Instead, it deceives your iPhone, Mac or PC by occupying the same signal your microphone uses. This way, hackers can’t access your microphone or speakers unless you turn off the $15 gadget.

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#4: Privise USB Data Blocker

USB Data Blocker

Sometimes cyber attackers send you threats by coming into contact with your devices. Later on, they can use your data to send phishing scams, spy and steal more data from you. The Privise USB Data blocker is designed to eliminate these threats.

At its core, the Privise USB Data Blocker offers protection from unwanted interference when your iPhone is charging at a public place. It works as an intermediary between a public charger and your device. This way, it transfers charge to your device but blocks unwanted threats.

That means you stay protected from attackers that use public chargers to transfer malware to unsuspecting phone users. And you receive this protection for all devices—it fits in all USB ports.

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#5: EYSOFT Webcam Cover

 Webcam Cover

EYSOFT Webcam Cover is a crucial gadget that can protect you from invasion of privacy. It works on all major devices, from Mac and PC to android and iOS devices.  Surprisingly, this Webcam Cover comes at the measly cost of $7.

It’s a small tool that sticks to your web camera through an adhesive. But get this—you can slide it right and left to expose and your camera easily. And the best part, the device’s adhesive does not stick to your camera. 

To be clear, there are lots of things you could use to shield your web camera and protect your privacy. But how many of these alternatives provide the convenience EYSOFT’s tool offers? Many alternatives could also damage your camera. The EYSOFT cover protects it.

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#6: Enoyoo Computer Rearview HD Mirror

Computer Rearview Mirror

The Enoyoo Clip on rearview mirror for your PC is another Internet privacy tool you didn’t know you need. But if you have workmates or friends who are always snooping around to find out what you’re doing online, this clip can come in handy.

You clip it on your PC and it lets you know when someone is coming so that you can close tabs beforehand. Although small in size, the Enoyoo computer clip provides a decent view of 6.69 x 2.95 inches. It’s also two inches for durability but light enough for simple durability.

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Your Turn

Thanks to the Internet, you don’t need to fill your home with physical gadgets for online protection. If you need protection from viruses, all you need is an antivirus. If you want to hide your IP address, a VPN services does the job.

Still to be clear, the gadgets we mentioned above can come in handy when you need protection from various threats. They’re particularly helpful when you’ve had bad experiences with applications and software. They are cheap and durable too, meaning you get great value in the long haul.