Copper growler for fresh tap brew

Copper growler for fresh tap brew

Whether you are a homebrewer or like to get your favorite beer from the local microbrewery, the uKeg should be on your wish list. The copper growler keeps your beer fresh and carbonated for weeks – and as an added bonus, it will look great in your home bar!

Copper growler

The concept of a growler

The copper Ukeg from GrowlerWerks is constructed in stainless steel with a copper plating to give an old-fashioned brewery look. You can fill up the container with whatever drink you fancy and the cap with a CO2 cartridge will keep the drink pressurized.

Copper growler with tap


As you pour your drink, it will be perfectly carbonated. The growler is double-walled and insulated to keep your beer cool and fresh – and with the dispenser tap you can easily pour your drinks without removing the cap. It doesn’t get any closer to being at the bar and you can even fill up a couple of growlers to invite your friends over for a personalized beer tasting.

“How to use the copper growler”

Keep your best brew fresh and on tap – for weeks.

How to use a growler

Step 1:
Start with a clean growler

Step 2:
Fill it up with your favorite beer – or whatever you like to drink

Step 3:
Put the regulator cap on following these steps:

• Start with Co2 cartridge (available online or at kitchen stores)
• Insert the cartridge into the cartridge sleeve
• Make sure that the cap is in the “off” position
• Screw the cartridge sleeve onto the cap
• The cap is now charged and ready to go

Step 4:
Put the cap onto the keg – ensure to cap on foam so there is no oxygen left to spoil your beer. Make sure that the tap is in the “off” and locked position

Step 5:
Increase the selector dial to your desired pressure
Ensure that your machine is always clean. Oily residue can ruin great taste


Get your own

You are now good to go and share with friends – and if you can’t finish the keg in one sitting, place it in the refrigerator for another time. Remember to clean it thoroughly after use by hand.

About GrowlerWerks

The love of good beer was the start of Portland-based GrowlerWerks. As many of their favorite microbrews didn’t come in bottles, they had to come up with another way to store their brew and keep it fresh. They used their experience from engineering and product design to create the uKeg that ensures your beer always tastes exactly how the brewmaster intended.

More information:

Price for the Copper Growler uKeg 128 oz (w/CO2) is from $197. GrowlerWerks even offers cool accessories like bar mats, infuser, tap handles and a wood carrying case.

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