Couple Transformed a Military Truck Into Mobile Home

Kourtney and Trevor Smithson of Virginia, USA have transformed an old Stewart and Stevenson M1078 LMTV military truck into their dream home as they wanted a different lifestyle filled with adventure.

Couple Transformed a Military Truck Into Mobile Home
Image courtesy: Youtube / Barcroft Cars

They bought the M1078 military truck from an auction and including a serious upgrade, the price ended up at only $37,000. Especially Trevor needed a fresh start to get sober from an alcoholic lifestyle – and building the truck whose original purpose was to transport military cargo and soldiers, kept him focused and determined on this new chapter. Even though their mobile home does not contain many square meters, the couple still managed to convert the metal-monster on wheels into a neat little home with some intelligent solutions.

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SOURCEYoutube / Barcroft Cars
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