Custom Honda CB350F by Apache Custom Motorcycles

Custom Honda CB350F by Apache Custom Motorcycles

The custom 1976 Honda CB350F has lots of retro appeal and a cool re-purposed bike handlebar. The design from Italian Apache Custom Motorcycles may cause debate, but the intention was to create something strikingly different and primarily use recycled parts. You can’t deny; that’s pretty awesome!

Custom Honda CB350F by Apache Custom Motorcycles

Custom Honda CB350F

Back in 2016, Apache Custom Motorcycles needed an outstanding bike to show at the annual Motor Bike Expo (MBE). They wanted to do something that was quite different than everything else and came across a dusty frame of an old Honda 350F. A long process of assembling parts followed where the old Husqvarna fuel tank was brought in by a friend of a friend and the eye-catching handle bars with two old levers was picked from a bike.

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Custom Honda CB350F by Apache Custom Motorcycles

“We wanted to do something different, something that would really strike people. And not necessarily because they liked it – but more because it was different to what they’d seen before.”
Danese – Apache Custom Motorcycles to Pipeburn

Built with patina and recycled parts

To lighten the bike, everything not essential was moved and the electrical system simplified. The frame was sanded back to the patchy bare metal and then left for a couple of days to oxidize and get a natural patina before applying multiple layers of clear gloss.

Custom Honda CB350F by Apache Custom Motorcycles

Apache took inspiration for the wheels from an old tractor. They mounted discs to both wheels with the front one small enough to keep the spokes visible around the periphery. The 400cc four-cylinder Honda engine was picked up from their warehouse and for the saddle they went with a basic flat design not to attract to much attention from the key elements of the bike. Finally, the shortened exhaust was custom built from recycled pipes and matched to an aluminum can front number board.

Custom Honda CB350F by Apache Custom Motorcycles


  • 1976 HONDA CB350F
  • 400 SS 6-speed engine with electronic ignition
  • Shortened and modified 4-into-1 exhaust made from recycled pipes
  • Custom made flat saddle in black leather
  • Original Husqvarna fuel tank from the 70s
  • Recycled bike handlebars
  • Front and rear disk brakes
  • Simplified electrical system
  • Oxidized frame
Custom Honda CB350F by Apache Custom Motorcycles
[Photos by Charles Séguy]

Who are Apache Custom Motorcycles?

Apache Custom Motorcycles are based in Verona, Italy and have been making unique bikes since 2015. They make everything from café racers and scramblers to bobbers and choppers – and work on a variety of brands and perform full restorations. Almost everything is done in-house and in addition to the custom shop, the headquarter also includes a vintage Porsche department (mainly Porsche 356s) a body shop, a showroom, a merchandise shop with Apache apparel and a café with their very own brew: the ‘Apache’ Pale Ale. That’s like 10 very good reasons for visiting them on your next trip to Italy!

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