Did you know about the Lamborghini Countach Turbo?

Did you know about the Lamborghini Countach Turbo?

If you were 10 years old in the 1980s – you probably had posters with iconic super cars hanging on the wall. Lamborghini Countach likely one of them. The Lambo took the world by storm and to this day still stands as one of the most iconic models of all time. The ’80s was also a time where many tuning companies such as Koenig, Ruf, Gemballa, AMG, Lorinser emerged. It resulted in outrages body kits, bigger wheels, a lot more horse power and huge rear wings. However, no one touched the iconic Lamborghini Countach – except Max Bobnar.

Max was involved with the Lamborghini factory in Italy and was an official distributor in Switzerland. In the early ’80s he built two prototype Twin Turbo Countach examples; a very famous Red Metallic Low Body LP400 S and a sinister Black 5000S. Both cars were developed by engineer Franz Albert. The Black one currently resides in a Lamborghini collection in Germany, and the red Countach disappeared completely. That is, until now! This is the story of one of John Temerian’s greatest finds ever – the Countach Turbo.

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