El Jimador Tequila: one of the best-selling tequila in Mexico

El Jimador Tequila
Photo from Los Muertos Crew from Pexels.com

Tequila El Jimador is one of the best-selling tequila in Mexico. This brand has different editions; El Jimador silver tequila and El Jimador reposado tequila are the most popular ones. The difference between these two types is mainly the aging process. If you want to know more, keep reading, for we will explore this excellent product of Herradura Industrial Group deeper. Are you ready? 

Tequila El Jimador

Brown-Forman is a multinational based in the United States and has several alcoholic beverage brands. In Mexico, this company owns Casa Herradura (Herradura Industrial Group), one of the best tequila manufacturers in the world. They are famous for tequila Herradura, but another fantastic tequila made in this hacienda is El Jimador, which has a place at the top of tequila brands, too, mainly in the local market.

Casa Herradura has been working for over a century, leading the industry with all their premium drinks. Still, before starting this new century, they decided to create the most accessible one. The name is in honor of “Los Jimadores,” the people in charge of harvesting the agave (the plant from which the nectar for tequila is extracted).

El Jimador is among the best cheap tequila in the market, with similar quality to VIP drinks. It is made 100% of blue agave and aged within American white oak barrels under the best standards. More than 150 years of experience have delivered the producing hacienda a complete knowledge of the right path to follow and how to achieve the proposed goals. 

Outstanding features

One of the things to highlight is that this beverage is made with natural methods, reducing the use of chemical products that could damage the environment and our health. The fermentation is left to nature, the agave nectar is placed within open tanks, and the organic yeast does the rest. But the previous process is one of many that are executed traditionally.

The collection is handmade

The harvesting of the agave fruit is handmade, and that’s very important for the excellence of the resulting drink. Jimadores make sure all the collected raw material is at the perfect point. If one agave is not ready yet, it will be left to the consequent days to be harvested properly. 

Distillation process

The distillation is made twice to purify the liquid and obtain a clear-like water tequila. We can’t miss mentioning that El Jimador tequila has won many prizes, which it’s not a surprise, having the opportunity to supervise the entire process, from the planting of agave to the bottling of the liquid. The chances of maintaining quality principles multiply exponentially. 

Now that you know how Casa Herradura makes this excellent liquor, it’s time to observe the best versions of El Jimador. We will explore the Silver edition, then the Reposado edition, a tequila created by Casa Herradura and first sold by Herradura. The last kind is tequila Añejo, a must-try if you want to satisfy your palate with a more complicated mix of flavors.

Tequila El Jimador
Photo from Los Muertos Crew from Pexels.com

El Jimador Silver Tequila

As you’ve seen above, to produce El Jimador tequila, the distillation is made two times to achieve a colorless liquid. Tequila El Jimador Silver is bottled without aging. So, the clear drink goes out of the distillation with any other process.

The Silver edition has a slightly noticeable alcohol taste, so the best way to drink it is mixed in a cocktail unless you love potent shots. Agave savor is easily sensed in this kind of tequila, contrary to the aged ones, because the oak barrels add other tastes that overlap. 

Herbaceous touches and spicy notes are also there to a lesser degree. The prevailing aroma is a combination between citric and a fresh tropical smell. 

El Jimador reposado tequila

Like any other El Jimador tequila, this one is distilled twice but then introduced within a barrel of American white oak. The spirit will last two months inside the handmade containers when the aging begins, and additional flavors are added to the liquid naturally. 

After the required time, tequila is taken out of the barrels to be bottled. The drink is now golden and with unique flavors that elevate the experience. We can appreciate a bit of vanilla with hot spices and some citrus fruits, but the protagonist is always for the taste of oak and toasted nuts. Regarding the aroma, it’s possible to capture a clear essence of cooked agave together with the previously mentioned smells related to the savors.

El Jimador añejo Tequila

Bringing the best quality of El Jimador, we introduce the Añejo edition. This is an aged drink that lasts 12 months in the barrels, making possible a deep extraction of the aromas, flavors, and all the necessary touches that complement the basic alcoholic taste of tequila. Its color is dark amber giving a hint of the sensations you will feel inside your mouth.

Tequila El Jimador Añejo is very strong, and the essences are easily noticeable once you open the bottle. It is a perfect beverage to enjoy, tasting every element present, like the earthiness of toasted agave with pepper and hot spices like cinnamon. If you pay attention, the liquid will flow, leaving a very subtle cherry flavor.

El Jimador’s new mix 

Tequila is a perfect party drink with powerful effects and a pungent taste. You can prepare many cocktails and mixes to add even more fun. But designing these drinks is a little complicated, especially if you need to know what flavors combine with the liquor. To solve that problem and facilitate your life, El Jimador has developed an excellent formula for tequila-based drinks named “New Mix.” 

It’s possible to find many kinds of this invention, for example, Margarita, Mango, and Paloma New Mix. They are available only in Canada and Mexico, but it’s possible to buy them online.


Casa Herradura focused on El Jimador to satisfy the demand for an economically high-quality tequila inside Mexico. At an international level, Herradura tequila is the best-sold brand. So, whether you are looking for Ultra-premium tequila or just a tremendously cheap tequila, the same hacienda under the same firm can satisfy you. Now it’s time to pick what edition you want to drink, all with totally different flavors.