First Glimpse of The 2021 Batmobile From “The Batman”

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While waiting impatiently for the June 2021 release of The Batman, director Matt Reeves has shared some interesting photos of the upcoming 2021 Batmobile.

First Glimpse of The 2021 Batmobile From "The Batman"
Image courtesy: Matt Reeves / Twitter

First glimpse of the 2021 Batmobile

In the three images shared on Producer Matt Reeve’s Twitter account, you are able to see how the newest Batmobile edition created for 2021 The Batman will look like. Only a few details of the car are revealed but you can see the powerful silhouette of the car and details of the front and back. And they all look promising!

The complete Batmobile history

First Glimpse of The 2021 Batmobile From "The Batman"
Image courtesy: Matt Reeves / Twitter

The car has a wide stance and heavy reinforcements at the rear on either side of the massive open engine. You are able to spot what appears to be some analog gauges alongside a screen and switches which looks like a cool mix of classic Batmobile and new exciting features. We can’t wait to see what we hope to be a new movie classic!

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