Four Seasons eco-luxurious accommodations

Four Seasons eco-luxurious accommodations

Amongst the trees in Quebec is a new concept of four seasons eco-luxurious accommodations. The domes blend perfectly into the landscape and inside they offer a warm and cozy atmosphere. Welcome to eco-friendliness on 1st class.

Four Seasons eco-luxurious accommodations
Photo credit: Maxime Valsan

Retreat located on the mountain side

The three domes named “Dômes Charlevoix” are part of a larger tourist project. Each dome is located on the mountain side and perfectly integrated to the landscape. They can be accessed via a path through the trees from a common parking lot at the entrance. Sitting on a wooden patio, each dome houses a spa overlooking the beautiful natural setting. The south-facing windowed area offers a breath-taking view of the St. Lawrence River and maximizes exposure to natural light.

Four Seasons eco-luxurious accommodations
Photo credit: Maxime Valsan

Eco-Luxurious and cosy atmosphere

Inside on the domes, the radiant concrete floor adds a touch of comfort and helps maintain a more uniform temperature. The grey canvas and the fireplace create a warm and cosy atmosphere. A black streamlined service area is set in the centre with a concealed kitchen, the main bed and a bathroom with Italian shower.

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Four Seasons eco-luxurious accommodations
Photo credit: Maxime Valsan

A boat staircase leads to a second bed above the service area.

The domes are an invitation to experience luxury in the mountains while being in harmony with nature and its elements.

Dome accommodations from the sky
Photo credit: Maxime Valsan

About Bourgeois/Lechasseur architects

Driven by the will to create innovative projects beneficial to its users, Bourgeois/Lechasseur architects’ approach is leading toward a contemporary architecture, realistic and sensitive, inspired by key features of the landscape. As a signature feature, the architecture team is keen on not revealing everything at first glance, Instead, the architecture should offer several levels of reading and provide an element of surprise.

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Dome accommodations with fireplace
A brand new concept called “eco-luxurious accommodations”. Photo credit: Maxime Valsan

For the “Dômes Charlevoix”, Bourgeois/Lechasseur architects have worked with the natural light in the mountains and wanted to protect the living spaces from the prevailing winds. Genuine and sober materials have been used to create a range of atmospheres reaching a maximum impact through simplicity.

Architects: Bourgeois / Lechasseur architects
General Contractor: Urbanext
Location: Petite-Rivière-St-François, Canada
Year of construction: 2018

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