Fresh Draft Beer At Home With The Hopsy SUB Home Tap

The SUB Home Tap lets you enjoy fresh, draft beer at home. Check out the simple system by Hopsy and open your home bar in no time!

Fresh Draft Beer At Home With The Hopsy SUB Home Tab

At-home beer machine with the SUB Home Tap

Hopsy offers an at-home beer machine that gives you the real draft beer experience in your own home. The SUB Home Tap is available online and with the beer machine, you choose your favorite brew from local microbreweries.

Fresh Draft Beer At Home With The Hopsy SUB Home Tab

Instead of the huge and inconvenient kegs, the Hopsy system uses special 2-liter bottles and there is no need for CO2 cartridges or maintenance. To pour a draft beer simply insert the bottle in the Krups machine, run the built-in hose to the device’s tap handle and close and lock the door. The machine keeps the beer fresh and cool and the compact design is perfect for your kitchen countertop – or a new mini-bar if you want to go all in?

How The Hopsy SUB Home Tab works

Hopsy is co-founded by Berkeley M.B.A. student Sebastien Tron in 2016. Instead of delivering traditional growlers, he worked together with the German company Krups to develop an at-home beer tap. Today, Hopsy is the sole US distributor and delivers to most zip codes in California, Ohio, and DC, as well as select zip codes in Virginia, Illinois, and New York. Follow Hopsy for more info and updates of new markets.

The Hopsy Founders
The Hopsy Founders

In Europe, the Krups HomeTap is available.

Price: $39.99 USD – 199.99 depending on choice of starter pack and available offers.

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