Fuselage cabin for extreme wilderness

Fuselage Cabin For Extreme Wilderness

The Fuselage cabin is the perfect hideout for the most extreme environments. It can be mounted on stilts or even suspended from the trees allowing you to maximize areas of woodlands, sloping sites or the water’s edge. This is eco-friendly glamping in world-class design!

Fuselage for extreme wilderness

The concept of the Fuselage

In order to minimize the environmental impact both from production and installation, the cabin is designed to be both lightweight and robust. The shell is made from recycled aluminium and reflects the surroundings and the structure easily adapts to difficult terrain. Installation happens easily with minimum disruption to the site – and you can both choose to do it yourself (maybe with a little help from a Tree Surgeon for the suspended structures) or book an expert installation team to get the job done for you.

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Fuselage in the forrest

The interior is designed to optimize space with is done with convertible furniture. The table and benches can easily transform into a double bed – just unclip the ropes to lower the table and pull the mattresses together.

“If you got a great view, why not make the most of it?”

Fuselage view from inside

The phone call that changed everything

Founder and Innovation & Design Director, Jason Thawley, came up with the idea for a sustainable suspended tree house when seeing discarded camp equipment only designed to last one season. He took inspiration from the aerospace and automotive industry and after three years, the first design was ready and posted on his website. Jason Thawley then got a very important call: “on the other end was Channel 4’s George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. They loved the design and wanted to come out and film. So with cameras rolling, we turned the Tree Tent concept into a reality. And what a reality it was”. After the episode of Amazing Spaces aired, the phone started to ring and kickstarted what is now Tree Tents.

Fuselage beds

About Tree Tents

The team at Tree Tents combines innovative precision engineering with traditional craftsmanship. Sustainability is important in their product design from choosing eco-friendly materials to minimizing the impact in nature. Besides the Fuselage, they offer the original tree-suspended tree tent as well as equipment for your camp.

Fuselage view from inside

Price for the Fuselage starts from £26,000 + VAT + installation. There are many upgrades available such as wood cladding, off-grid power, solar panels etc. 

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