Get Your Own Custom Engraved Flask by High Camp Flasks

What better way to celebrate an adventure than having a drink with friends? High Camp Flasks are designed to bring your favorite bottle outdoor and their Firelight flasks are both good-looking, durable and practical. Cheers to adventure!

Get Your Own Custom Engraved Flask by High Camp Flasks

Custom Firelight flask by High Camp Flasks

The Firelight flask is designed for transporting your preferred hot or cold beverage to any outdoor environment. But it’s more than a traditional thermos. High Camp flasks have chosen the best materials and the design is made to function in the outdoors. The flask is plastic-free which both ensures that the taste is preserved and materials can be recycled. The two tumblers at each end of the flask are attached with strong magnets which is both a cool and practical feature. (see image below)


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Get Your Own Custom Engraved Flask by High Camp Flasks

An alternative to traditional hip flasks

The traditional hip flask was originally used to conceal spirits from the authorities during the prohibition. Therefore, the flasks had to be small and many of them a curvy design to fit in a pocket close to the body. If you already have a traditional flask, you know they can be hard to fill with small openings, they are difficult to clean and they are definitely not made for sharing or keeping the drink a certain temperature.

Get Your Own Custom Engraved Flask by High Camp Flasks

The Firelight flask is made for the rugged outdoors and designed to be used: you can easily fill the flask with the wide opening, it’s leak-proof and when pouring a drink it won’t drip. Thanks to the stainless steel and a microscopically smooth interior, you simply rinse the flask with water (this wouldn’t work with plastic).


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Our favorite feature of the Firelight flask is the two tumblers in each end. While traditional flasks or thermos usually have just one cup, this flask has two – and they are big metal tumblers that will suit most drinks. The large flask contains 750 ml which is enough room for a full bottle of spirits or wine and perfect for sharing with friends. If you’re looking for a present, we highly recommend going for the customized flasks where you can have a logo or text engraved into the flask.

Get Your Own Custom Engraved Flask by High Camp Flasks

Specifications for 750ml flask (large)

• Volume: 25.4 fl.oz (750ml) – 1 full bottle

• Flask weight: 17oz

• 100% 18/8 stainless steel

• Vacuum Insulation for 24-hr Temperature Control

• Leak-proof stainless steel plug cap w/ silicone seal

• Wide mouth opening, no funnel required

• No-Drip-Lip for a clean pour every time, guaranteed

• Electrogloss clean technology ensures pure flavor, simply rinse to clean

• BPA & phthalate-free

• No plastic

Price: $150 USD incl. custom engraving ($110 USD for 375ml flask).

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