Handcrafted Exclusive Wine Storage With a History

Håndlavet eksklusiv vinopbevaring

Wood and wine are one of the world’s best and oldest companions. And even though many winemakers are changing from wood barrels to steel, there is still a very special bond between the bottles and nature’s finest material.

The Oregon-based company Sommi Wine Cellars specializes in exclusive wine storage solutions from wine fridges to bars and cellars. The love for beautiful materials is clear and the combination with true craftsmanship in the handcrafted details makes the final products unique. In addition, some products are even made with recycled wood to preserve memories to that special place.

Handcrafted exclusive wine storage
Exclusive wine storage custom made. Images: Sommi Wine Cellars

A combination of raw materials and high-end functionality for wine storage

The VV Series is handcrafted from salvaged wood collected from Pacific Northwest suppliers and put together with custom-engineered parts and beautiful raw materials. The cellar features a racking system designed to fit different type of bottles. To make sure of consistent temperature and humidity control, a high-end cooling system is installed that is virtually silent. Finally, the solution is wrapped in a stunning patented arch which provides the perfect entry to your personal wine heaven.

Integrated cooling

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To ensure the finest details down to the handles, Sommi Wine Cellars uses one of the few remaining true blacksmiths in America, Orion Forge. Here, every handle in hand-crafted true to the original way of the blacksmiths.

“What we do is pretty unusual these days. There are lots of welding shops around that do wrought iron work. They’re not blacksmiths. They’re using tools from a catalog to make wrought iron — you can buy any number of cool scrolls that were forged somewhere and weld them all together.” says Hunter Dahlberg, owner and blacksmith.

Handcrafted exclusive wine storage

Handcrafted exclusive wine storage

The product line consists of impressive solutions for the wine connoisseur looking for rustic yet modern storage – and with top-quality functionality to keep the precious bottles safe. Design that truly pays tribute to the ancient culture of wine drinking.

Prices begin at $14,950 for the smallest VV3 model which can store 120 bottles – and from here on you can climb the ladder and end up with a capacity for over 400 bottles.

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