Handcrafted home bar out of the ordinary

Handcrafted home bar out of the ordinary

No matter the occasion, it seems guests gravitate to the kitchen…and suddenly the entire party has moved. This handcrafted home bar is not only a practical solution – it can be a beautifully integrated part of your home that gives you the perfect spot for mixing cocktails, serving whisky and entertaining guests.

Handcrafted home bar out of the ordinary

Handcrafted home bar

Beck/Allen Cabinetry has made this beautiful home bar impressive in both size and construction (12’ wide and over 9’ tall). The handcrafted details, color as well as the size can be fully customized to fit other needs – and smaller spaces.

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The wood carvings are inspired by art nouveau pieces and a mix of metals used for knobs, pulls and screens add a warm feel to the bar. Antiqued mirror panels have been custom cut and installed beneath barrel arches setting the stage for glass shelving. Turned posts have been added to base cabinets, and above, arched wainscot topped with layer upon layer of crown. The details all add to the unique character to the bar and the color gives it a classic yet modern look.

Beck/Allen Cabinetry wine bar

What to consider before building a home bar?

  • Would you like a wet bar or a dry bar? Check the possibilities with your plumber or general contractor.
  • What appliances will be needed? You could consider installing a refrigerator, ice maker, wine storage, and depending on its size, a dishwasher.
  • Do you prefer solid or glass doors?
  • Take stock of your glassware and bottles – and even decorative items for display to ensure adequate storage and shelving.
  • Consider the surroundings of the bar and how to best fit it into your home – e.g. by using a common color scheme or styling elements.
  • Do you need locks for the cabinet doors?

Consider lighting and outlets early in the design process. Glass-front cabinets are beautiful when lit from within, and you could even consider lighting beneath the cabinets.

Handcrafted home bar out of the ordinary

About Beck/Allen Cabinetry

Established over 20 years ago, Beck/Allen Cabinetry is experienced with kitchen and bath design out of the ordinary. They represent high-quality custom cabinet manufacturers and specialize in remodeling and renovations. The owners Mike Beck and Lee Allen have won awards for their design and operate from two locations in St. Louis, Missouri.

Beck/Allen Cabinetry wine bar

Price for a handcrafted home bar like this is available upon request.

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Image courtesy: Beck Allen & Alise Obrien photography

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