Hazan Motorwerks: a bike builder’s dream come true

Hazan Motorwerks: a bike builder's dream come true

Meet Max Hazan – a successful bike designer with his own shop ‘Hazan Motorwerks’. In 2017, he and his wife Sarah decided that moving to Los Angeles would make it possible to pursue a dream of building one-off custom motorcycles. Thank’s to his design skills, attention from social media and lots of hard work, he’s now living the dream and has turned his hobby into a full-time job!

“As far back as I can remember, I have been obsessed with creating things, from boats to planes and cars I was always making whatever my imagination could think up.”

-Max Hazan

Max Hazan is known for his unique designs like the custom Royal Enfield and a Harley-Davidson Ironhead that measures eight feet long and weighs three hundred pounds. Get a sneak peak in this video.

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