Premium wine storage solutions at home

Premium wine storage solutions

Wine storage is just as important as good wine. And why not show off your finest bottles as part of the interior design? Wine gets better with age…but only when stored under optimal conditions. Spiral Cellars is a productline from Fredelund, who designs premium wine storage solutions, starting at $22,500.

Ensuring the best conditions

Wine cabinets and refrigerators can at best store a couple of hundred bottles. If your collection exceeds 500 bottles, it’s time to consider a wine cellar. The custom-made solutions from Spiral Cellars will transform your basement into a wine connoisseur’s dream of a wine cellar. The temperature is kept between 55-65°f (13-18°c) and the relative humidity around 70% thanks to a clever ventilation system. In addition, no UV light will affect the precious content. The result? Perfect conditions for up to 1,900 bottles of wine at a time.

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Danish design customised to your needs

Spiral Cellars are made by the Danish company Fredelund and all parts are manufactured in Great Britain by carefully selected collaborators. Every bit of the final product is in absolute top quality and can be customized to your individual needs.

The reason for storing wine below ground is to protect the bottles from external factors like temperature and humidity. Left exposed to heat, UV light, vibrations or unstable humidity, all types of wine can be spoiled. The level of sugar and alcohol determines how sensitive a wine is to temperature variations. The higher the alcohol and sugar content, the less sensitive it will be to temperature variances. When stored under right conditions, good quality wine will improve in aroma, flavor, and complexity as they mature.

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