How Much is a Car Subscription: A Comparison of Your Choices

How Much is a Car Subscription: A Comparison of Your Choices

Over the years, car subscriptions have become a more viable alternative to buying a brand new car or signing up for a lease. It offers plenty of benefits, including affordability, flexibility, and the ability to swap cars, depending on what the terms allow. If all these sounds appealing to you, now is the time to give car subscriptions a try. If you have no idea about your options, read on and we’ll round up some of the possibilities and let you know how much they cost. 

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Hertz My Car 

From one of the most popular global names in the market for car rental, Hertz My Car offers plans for every budget. Regardless of the plan that you will choose, there are no hidden charges, and you don’t need a long-term commitment. The plans include insurance and roadside assistance, among other perks that you can enjoy. Below are the three tiers available: 

  • Tier 1: For the budget-conscious, this is the perfect choice. It costs $599 per month. You can choose from a selection of economy, compact, and mid-sized cars. 
  • Tier 2: The most popular plan available, it costs $999 per month. It includes a selection of small SUVs, full-sized sedans, and small trucks. 
  • Tier 3: If the price is not an issue, this is the right choice for you. For $1,399, you can choose from regular SUVs, large trucks, and luxury sedans. You can also opt for everything included in Tier 2. 

Care by Volvo 

Volvo cars are known globally for their luxury and safety. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to own a Volvo because of its price. Good thing, with Care by Volvo, you can enjoy their vehicles at a fraction of a cost. All that you need to do is to pay a monthly price depending on the specific car that you would like to drive. 

Unlike other car subscriptions, there are no tiers. Instead, the price depends on the value of the car you want. The lowest is at $600, excluding taxes and registration fees. At this price, you can drive the XC40 Momentum. 


While the company markets their service as car leasing, it essentially functions the same way as a car subscription. This is popular amongst younger users because it is affordable. They are partnering with local dealerships to offer cars from up to 20 brands, so you are spoiled for choices. The process is 100% digital and paperless, making it seamless for the customer. 

The prices are different, which will vary depending on the car that you want. There are no specific plans available. Most of the prices range from $190 to $700. There is no option to swap since it works like a lease. Nonetheless, because the lease duration is flexible, you can just end your current contract, sign for a new one, and drive a new car model. 

Porsche Drive 

Dreams on demand – this is how Porsche Drive positions itself. It puts you closer into your dream of driving a Porsche car without the luxury of financial resources. Whether short-term or long-term, they have a wide selection of cars that will satisfy even the most discerning drivers. All that you need is to download their mobile application, choose a car, and you will enjoy concierge delivery. There’s no need to visit the nearest dealership. 

The basic Porsche Drive plan covers a single vehicle. This means that you cannot swap the car throughout the duration of the subscription. You can choose from two plans – one month or three months. The one-month plan includes an activation fee of $595.This is waived if you choose the three-month subscription. The prices vary from $1,500 per month for Macan to $2,600 per month for 911. 

If you want to be driving different cars, on the other hand, you should opt for the multi-vehicle plan. The Launch Tier is available at $2,100 per month plus tax. The Accelerate Tier, on the other hand, costs $3,100 per month plus tax. Both plans will include an activation fee of $595. 

Drive Flow 

This car subscription promises the ultimate driving freedom, and it is easy to see why. From a sedan to a coupe, SUV to a pick-up, the options are plenty. You can choose from an on-demand subscription, single model, or multiple models. Whether you are on a budget or you do not mind a splurge, there is something for everyone. Here’s a quick look at the available plans: 

  • Explorer: For as low as $50 per month plus the daily rate that depends on your choice of vehicle, this is the company’s on-demand plan. Each subscription comes with 80 miles per day. If you go over the included mileage, you have to pay an additional $1 per mile. You can simply text the concierge about the car that you need, and you will receive it immediately. 
  • Prospector: This plan costs $899 per month, which limits you to only one vehicle. You can change the car after one month. The main limitation is that this plan is valid for only 1,000 miles per month. You will pay an additional $.65 per mile. 
  • Pioneer: For as low as $1,099 per month, you can be driving a new car as often as you wish. Simply let their concierge know what you need, and they will find a matching ride. You will have a limit of 1,200 miles per month. If you go over the stated limit, then you will have to pay $.65 per month. 
  • Adventurer: At $1,599 per month, this is the plan perfect for high-end customers. You can choose from a selection of luxury cars. The limit is also 1,200 miles in a month and there is an additional $.75 per month per mile. Like with the last two plans mentioned above, you will also be paying a one-time activation fee of $500.