How To Buy Used Car Parts Online?

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Once you own a car; the automotive parts need to be replaced with new ones when they wear out. However, more often than not, you can get confused about whether to continue buying brand new parts or to go for used car parts. From my experience, choosing second-hand auto parts, is not a bad idea especially when they are sourced from Europe. However, you will need to consider many things when buying the products to avoid fake claims. In this blog, I will discuss how you can buy used car parts online using OEM number.

Determine where you aim to buy your car parts

It is important to keep in mind the specific place you want to buy your car parts since second hand auto parts are a bit tricky to purchase. The buying process includes detailed research because online sellers may not be reliable. As such, I will advise you on making orders from car yards, especially the car parts from Europe since they sell at lower prices and they deal in genuine spare parts. It is also good to research the prices of the used auto parts stores then compare the prices of two to three yards. After getting your preferred dealer, you can make your order.

Be sure about what you want to buy

It is crucial to always have the auto part number or the specific model you need. The owner’s manual of your vehicle will help you check the number of the part that need replacement. Sometimes, it is disappointing to find that you bought an expensive car part that does not match your vehicle’s specifications. You can post the auto parts to help the seller with something to compare what they have and what you need to make sure that you get the car parts of your choice.

Understand the warranties of the parts you are going to buy

You must understand the warranties of the car parts that you want to buy. The clarity of the warranty is critical to consider before paying for the item. You should first read and understand the provisions of the warranty. It would be best to view the warranty’s clarity because some online sellers may offer short-term securities than the actual sellers.

Always approach an expert to guide you while purchasing the used car parts.

Sometimes you find that you are not conversant with the parts you want to buy, therefore, you need to approach an expert to assist you make the best orders for your second hand auto parts. The expert will be able to spot fake products since they understand the features of each car part. Also, the expert should be a person who you know on a personal level to avoid misunderstandings.

Learn how to spot fake products

It is the best idea to check thoroughly on the products which are posted online by sellers. Compare your intended products with other online sites while following the customer’s comments and ratings for that particular car part. This will help you note the fake products or identify the best part to purchase. Some of the things that you should consider when spotting counterfeit products include:

  • Spoiled logos
  • Misprinted words
  • Misplaced critical mechanisms.

Always match the style and the color to the original

Second hand auto parts, especially the external parts of your vehicle, sometimes have different colors. Therefore, when you want to buy used car parts online, you will need to match the color of your product to the previous part of your car. Also, it is necessary to look at the style of the auto part because it has to match with the current design of your vehicle. When the color and the style match, you have almost determined the right part of your car.

Instructions on how to use the OEM numbers of car part

In most cases, when a car part has collapsed, OEM numbers helps you know the exact car part to buy. As such, you should consider the following instructions:
• Wash the auto part with fuel since some of them are covered with oil or grease. Wipe clean the car part and then copy the required markings.
• For some parts, the numbering can be so tiny and makes it a challenge to read; therefore, using a magnifier will help you get the clear markings.
• Since the engines are subjected to heat and friction that makes the numbers unreadable, you are supposed to take a picture of the remaining auto part number and show it to the auto parts store.

These instructions will help you get the exact type of auto part replacements.

How allows searching via the OEM-number

Using to source your car spare parts is a guarantee that you will get quality products. Therefore, when purchasing car parts from Europe, you are supposed to know the OEM number of the original car parts. When you enter the number in the search, you will see the list of all parts that will fit your car.


Buying original car parts can be tricky, especially if you have no experience with car parts. You can use trusted dealers to source original cart parts from Europe. The OEM number is one of the sure way to verify that car parts from Europe are genuine. Autoparts24 stocks original car parts and allows buyers to verify every part before you can commit to buy. This blog acts as a guide on how you can buy the used car parts online. It is imperative to know where you intend to purchase the products and have an expert to help you buy the used car parts because he will help to match you with the original car part. Also, knowing your car’s OEM number will assist you in making your orders for the used car parts accurately and efficiently.