How to Store Cigars the Right way!

how to store cigars

Cigars exist in many shapes, colors, sizes, and brands, and the taste that comes with them is beyond enjoyable. Many people take care of them as if they were their most significant treasure. If you love smoking cigars, you probably know there’s nothing like an excellent fine cigar and that they must be carefully stored to have the best experience and create good times with them.

Every cigar smoker began as a rookie who didn’t know exactly what to do, and you may have started doing it out of curiosity or looking elegant and good-looking. Whether you’re already an expert in this topic or not, you may want to continue reading so you can know the best way to store them and keep them fresh. Learning to take care of them is crucial if you want a pleasant experience. Indeed, no one wants to smoke a stale and dried cigar.

Storing cigars is not complex or expensive

An important fact to learn is that unless you’re not smoking one, cigars should preferably be humidified enough so they can be in perfect conditions for you. There are simple and cheap ways to keep your cigars humidified with things you probably own. For example, you can use a sealed plastic bag with a damp towel. Although this is a good trick, it won’t help you in the long term. This is only for a couple of days; its condition will deteriorate.

Storing cigars is not as complex and expensive as you may have imagined; some hacks can save your life or your cigars’ life. There’s no need to spend a fortune to enjoy the cigar lifestyle; however, if you are passionate about cigars, I strongly recommend you buy a cigar humidor. 

What is a cigar humidor?

To simplify, a cigar humidor is a fancy box that keeps your cigars safe and extends their life and quality by maintaining the ideal humidity. This is possible because this unique box has a device that helps to retain and maintain moisture levels that prevent cigars from suffering any damage from the external environment.

Humidors come in different types and sizes, depending on your needs, whether you want to store a few cigars or many. Some of them can even have a brilliant hygrometer, which measures and shows the internal moisture.

Cigar humidor

What should I know about humidor selection?

Selecting your humidor type can be difficult, especially if you want the best option for your cigars in the long term. Please remember that cheaper things aren’t usually the most intelligent choice as they tend to last less due to poor quality; invest in a good one, and you will not regret it. 

The most important thing to consider is what size you are looking for; this may depend on where you want your cigars, for example, your office or home. As I mentioned before, quality is also essential, so think carefully about durability.

Essential facts about humidor maintenance

You will be surprised that maintaining your cigar humidor is not as hard as you think. You need to keep the cover well closed, and now and then, ensure enough distilled water is in your humidor, especially in seasons with high temperatures like summer.

Following that advice, even though cigar humidors are designed to protect and preserve your cigars, they shouldn’t be exposed to extreme temperatures. In contrast, it’s a cold or hot environment, and both air conditioning and excessive sunlight can seriously damage the functioning of your device and hence the quality of your cigars.

How to season the humidor?

Seasoning your humidor is very important because if you put your cigars before letting the wood of the box absorb humidity, it will dry your cigars. The best form to season them will depend a lot on the type of wood it is made of, but most of them are made with solid cedar or at least a lining.

The easiest way is to use a new sponge by adding distilled water and then wipe down the interior, but be careful not to use any paper that may leave scraps on the box, ruining its essence. 

How to travel with cigars?

You will be delighted to know that you can take your cigars on vacation as there are travel humidors perfectly designed to have a fantastic holiday without worrying about their condition. This is a perfect accessory for any traveler wishing for even more fun on their trip. 

Many of them are small-sized and will fit perfectly on your suitcase or your hand luggage, plus they’re much cheaper than a usual one. Nevertheless, if you’re going to travel for a few days, you might be okay with just cigar cases.

What should not be done to cigars?

There are many recommendations regarding precautions with cigars; the most important one is not letting them dry out; although there are various methods to restore them, it will take a long time. Also, make sure to rotate cigars inside the box every few weeks to have a balanced humidity distribution. 

Last but not least, be aware of mold growth in the humidor, annoying insect pests like tobacco beetles, and of course, don’t forget to constantly check the water within the wooden box to avoid moisture damage.

Conclusion of the storage of the cigars

At first sight, this may be pretty hard but trust me, once you follow the advice, you will take full advantage of your cigars. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a party sharing one with your friends or at the comfort of your home; there’s nothing more valuable than the taste of a good and well-kept cigar. Taking the time to learn how to take care of your most valuable belongings is something you shouldn’t think twice, especially regarding delicious cigars.