Jaguar XJ220: The 1990’s motorsport unicorn

Jaguar XJ220: The 1980’S Motor Sport Unicorn

Racecar-driver Justin Law gives a tour around the 1990’s Jaguar XJ220 supercar project, passing hands from Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR) and Jaguar to him and his father Don.

The Jaguar XJ220 came to life as a result of a project at Jaguar called “The Saturday Club”. Jaguar’s chief engineer Jim Randle was leading this mission and its goal was to produce a new Jaguar capable of racing and winning. Jim Randle wanted to bring back Jaguar to the top podium in international motorsports and to do so, he started a relationship with British motorsport specialists Tom Walkinshaw Racing.

Jaguar XJ220: The 1990’S Motorsport Unicorn
Image courtesy: Praemio / YouTube
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By 1992, production of the XJ220 had started at a Tom Walkinshaw Racing facility, and orders surpassing 1,500 were beyond expected with each bidder laying down a £50,000 deposit. The cars were to be sold at around $580,000 making these beauties some of the most expensive production cars ever seen at the time. With only 281 cars produced, the XJ220 is somewhat of a unicorn for car collectors around the world.

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