Leica M10-P: Classic Outside, Revolutionising Inside!

Leica M10-P - Classic on the outside, revolutionising on the inside!
Image: Leica

Leica cameras are known for world-class camera design both in terms of looks and functionality. Something that has placed Leica as the only camera displayed at the Museum of Modern Art and earned dedicated fans among the world’s best photographers. The Leica M10-P is super discrete which allows photographers to get closer and capture life as it happens. In the featured video, artist and photographer Mathieu Bitton explains why the M10-P has become his preferred choice for street photography in color.

Classic on the outside, revolutionising on the inside!
Image: Leica

The Leica M-system

The M-series by Leica are the world’s most compact full-frame camera system. As Leica describes it; “size does matter” and together with the minimalistic design and quiet shutter, the camera is extremely discreet. The M stands for “messsucher” which is a German term for a combined rangefinder/viewfinder. The functionality allows you to see action outside of the actual frame and thereby being able to follow the action, set the shot and have more direct interaction with the subject. Finally, the unique Leica M-lenses both for analog and digital photography completes the package with their unbeatable performance also in low light.

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Wetzlar Germany
Image: Leica

The understated but brilliant M10-P

The M10-P takes the traditional understatement of the M-series to a new level with fine distinctions for the Leica fans and connoisseurs. The most remarkable difference is the missing iconic red logo. It has simply been removed to make the camera more difficult to spot and avoid the risk of the camera drawing away attention from the objective. On the functional side, Leica has made an almost silent shutter that will not interfere with the moment. The camera still uses a metal blade focal plane shutter so there is no cheating with electronics involved. According to Leica, the result can make the difference between a good picture and an excellent one. A new touch display allows for faster and more fluid camera control and an integrated digital level gauge ensures perfect alignment to avoid corrections in post-processing.

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Design-wise, the M10-P offers two different body finishes (black or silver) which will add character to the camera after years of use. The idea is, that the camera improves with age and becomes a sign of the memorable experiences shared with the lucky owner.

The Leica M10-P is available for $9,000 – house only – which is approx. $700 more than the standard M10 Series.

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