Men’s Guide to Gifts in 2020

When it comes to shopping for gifts, finding something that is the right one for those closest to you can be a little tricky. Before you start, there are some things you can consider that will help you find the best gift this year.

Gifts supporting hobbies and interests

The best gifts are those that show that you understand the likes and dislikes of the person, couple or family you are buying for. Consider their interests and hobbies for a personal and thoughtful present. The gift could be the latest release from their favorite author or an autobiography of an inspirational person such as David Attenborough or Sir Tom Moore, better known as Captain Tom before his knighthood.

For those with hobbies, look to see if they need new or additional equipment to further develop.  This could be a new strap for a camera, an easel or a set of oils for an artist or the gift of a Masterclass run by the masters in the fields of arts and entertainment, music, community, business, sports and gaming, design, science and tech, wellness and more.

Bathroom Cabinet Jerrycan

For the woman

When it comes to buying gifts for others for the holidays, the top priority should be to those you love the most and for many men, this will be their wife, fiancée or girlfriend, so it is important to think first about your Christmas gift ideas for her.

You will want your gift to show her just how much you love her, so consider a piece of diamond jewelry or if she doesn’t wear jewelry, choose a piece of home décor she can keep for a lifetime as a token of your love and appreciation.

Tech gifts are a treat

Technology is changing all the time and any upgrade of hardware is going to be appreciated. Tech gifts work well as they are often items that an individual can sometimes not justify buying for themselves sometimes. Remember that tech gifts are also appreciated by the older generation, whether it be a Fitbit that keeps an account of health and encourages keeping fit to Sonos speaker that can move around the home and garden, free streaming capability combined with Alexa control as well as great sound quality, linking the speakers for multi-room use or stereo link if needed for a party sometime in the future.

Sharing the good times

The year 2020 has been one in which we look less at what we want and more about what we are grateful for. Many of us will have hundreds of photographs on our phones from which we can pick out some great photos of friends and family that we have either taken ourselves or received online. Gifting a beautiful photo to a friend, either a fun portrait of them alone or with family, or of an event or scene that brings happy memories is going to be special. Add a note explaining what the photo means to you.

Experience gifts

Looking ahead to the future, book an experience gift for someone special in your life.  This could be a day at a spa, a tandem skydive or even drag racing.  Having something to look forward too makes for a special gift. You can also choose something for the two of you or a whole group to go wine-tasting or a brewery tour. For a simpler gift, you could arrange a date in the future to meet up for a meal at a restaurant that you both enjoy, a plan for future memories.